10 Popular Contemporary Area Rugs for 2021


Know top contemporary area rugs for 2021.

Moroccan Beni Souk Area Rug

You may have a perfect sofa, chair, table, etc., for your living room, but you might not achieve the effect you are after without a rug. An area rug brings all the elements of your home décor together.

Now, if you are buying your first area rug, you might not know where to start. Should you pick a modern contemporary rug or stick to the traditional area rugs? With ten excellent contemporary area rug choices, we are sure picking one will not be a challenge for you.

1. Persian Tufted Caro Rug

If you have a passion for rugs, you are going to love this option.
Tufted Caro Rugs offer a vintage look and unique styles. A tufting tool is used to pass wool yarn through a frame-back fabric. The intended pattern or design is already there to get the rug design.

It’s very suitable for high-traffic areas, as it prevents slippage and protects your flooring as no other rug can. To prevent aggressive wear and tear, rotate its direction periodically and always vacuum it.
Shedding is normal with rugs, and this rug’s shedding will subside in 6-8 weeks with regular vacuuming. Clean blots immediately with an absorbent.

2. Jute Rug

Jute can be the best material choice for those looking for an economical rug. It will offer you an expensive look at a low cost and give an imperious aura in the surroundings.

This handmade jute rug is an all-time hit among rug lovers and an ideal choice for bedrooms, kitchens, wash-room entrances, and high-traffic areas.

You can find this rug in every shape, size, color, design, and pattern you can think of.

Cleaning is no problem and it should stop shedding after about 3 to 4 months.

3. Linear Distressed Wool Area Rug

A liner distressed wool area rug’s pattern and the presence of very muted grey tones of ivory make this hand-tufted rug a versatile option for any living space or room.

It is 80% wool and 20% cotton. Its average pile weave not only looks robust but also gives a luxurious feel on top. It can withstand wear and tear of mild nature with a little cleaning. You can put it in high-traffic areas without any second thoughts. The shedding period is 6-8 weeks, as is normal for other wool rugs.

Its quality is on par with other most expensive brands. It comes, as usual, in different shapes, designs and covers an array of natural colors.

4.Cambria Sapphire Rug

You are going to love these rugs for the convenience of cleaning they offer. Just throw them in your washing machine – a convenient method for its cleaning.

A Cambria Sapphire rug is a jewel-toned rug, a Turkish kilim design. It’s a traditional, customary, classic, and timeless artifact. To make the best of this rug, you should place it in narrow spaces like an indoor gallery or outside on a balcony.

5. Hand-Tufted Cotton Indigo Rug

It’s a flat-weave cotton marvel, a high-end choice. Its chevron patterns will get your attention without lowering the aura of the rest of your décor.

This indigo rug will look great in any room, from a home office or bedroom to a kitchen. With the addition of a rug pad, it won’t slip around.
The most brilliant part of having this rug is that you can flip it over when one side starts looking dull. This will keep you from washing it frequently.

6. Textured Wool Rug

Due to their light hue, textured wool rugs should be resting more in your bedrooms or other low-traffic areas of your home.

These rugs are unique. It takes a good amount of time to make even a small 5×8 ft rug on pit looms. It’s an art drop in your bedroom space. Wool’s shedding will complete in 6-8 weeks.

Wool rugs with textured patterns is an unwavering and eternal fashion in the carpeting industry. The traditional striped design and color make it a sophisticated piece in your living room or office.

7. BeniOurain Moroccan Rugs

Morocco’s biggest export industry is its textiles. Each Moroccan rug carries a unique design and style. The term BeniOurain refers to Berber tribes in Morocco. They have traditional expertise and centuries-old craftsmanship for rugs.

Moroccan rugs have almost got a patent for designing a rug with a white-and-black diamond pattern and a thick-weave look. They are extremely popular and look perfect in almost any living room.

Helsinki Moroccan Beni Souk Cream/Black

Inspired by vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs, our modern version is power-loomed with a short pile. Diamonds and geometric forms are woven in black against a field of ivory; Add some Bohemian style to your home with this easy-care rug.

8. Hook & Loom Flatweave Eco Cotton Rugs

These are tight woven cotton rugs. They feel smooth and comfortable. These rugs are machine-washable and come in multiple ranges of patterns, sizes, and colors.

These rugs are best for dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and surrounding recess areas.

These hooks and loom rugs are flat-weave rugs and boast interesting designs in solid, striped, and geometric patterns. They feel soft because of the plush texture with piles. Its flat-weave method resists signs of usual wear and tear.
You can use them in high traffic or very busy places. What’s more, you can even wash them in a washing machine.

9. Burrow Cape House Rug

This one is a 100% polyester flat-weave rug. Its neutral yet contemporary modern design gels well with any room setting. The durability, comfort, and easy cleaning of these rugs make them a favorite choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices alike.

The Burrow Cape House rugs offer a solid pick on looks alone. Their chevron pattern is subtler. These are tightly knit rugs, which means they can withstand the stress of pets’ scratching or other rough marks. Unlike other polyester rugs, this rug is neither slick nor silky due to its chunky weaves.

Use a rug pad with it to keep it from sliding around.

10. Woolen Raw Rug

A splendidly lavish option with a simple design yet the maximum feeling of comfort. This tufted wool rug warms any room with its toe-curling texture.

It’s made from 100% wool with a thin cotton backing. The softness of this rug will tempt you not only to walk but also to lie down on it. Use warm water and wool-friendly detergents to clean it.

The rugs are not ideal for high-traffic areas.


Before you pick a rug, you have to look for fiber and pile. Pile height in a rug shows how long the fibers are. Usually, it’s low, medium, or high. A medium or high pile area rug will give off a cozy and luxurious feel. Last but not least, don’t forget to measure the area before you buy a traditional area rug. The size of your rug adds to or takes away from its overall feel in the room.

February 26, 2021

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