2021 Buying Guide for Runner Rugs: Improve the Aesthetic of Your Bedroom


Learn 2021 buying guide for runner rugs of your bedroom.

Runner Rug

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the décor enhances your property’s aesthetics. Hence, you probably agree that even the slightest changes in your bedroom ambiance can affect your mood. Suppose you are thinking of incorporating numerous elements to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetics, don’t. In reality, even basic bedroom essentials can make quite the difference.

Among the essentials are beds, nightstands, lamps, and of course, lovely rugs. This article will guide you through the process of selecting a perfect and comfortable rug for your bedroom. And not just any rug, a “runner rug” is what you will want to go for after reading this article. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and reasons you might need a runner rug in your bedroom.

Runner Rug in Bedroom- 4 Reasons

1. Cozy and Comfort

Isn’t it amazing to wake up and put your feet down on a plush and comfortable rug? After all, you wouldn’t want to put your feet onto the cold floor right after getting out of a warm bed, would you? That is exactly what the large shaggy rugs under your bed are for! So when you wake up, you can step onto a plush surface instead of a cold floor.

2. Scuff-and-Scratch-Free Floors

Sure, a runner rug will enhance the appeal of your floor, but it protects your floor from scuffing or scratching as well.

3. Personality and Style

Another obvious reason runner rugs are so popular is the style and ambiance they create in a bedroom. After all, the second factor you’ll consider when placing a runner rug in your bedroom, besides comfort, is the look it gives. A rug is highly influential in this matter.

4. Noise and Volume

Warm and large shaggy rugs have can suppress noise inside the bedroom for a quieter environment. They muffle the noise from extensive walking, snoring, or other activities because hard surfaces do not absorb vibrations the same way rugs do.

Valuable Tips for Buying a Runner Rug

Well, you know a few reasons behind keeping a runner rug inside your bedroom. But how do you make an informed decision to purchase the best 2×8 runner rug for your bedroom? Here is a list of things you should consider.

Space and Size

Nobody likes to see a rug curling up against the wall. You need to ensure proper spacing and alignment of the rug along with the bed and the walls of your room. A well-fitted rug can enhance the décor. Record the length and width of the area in your bedroom where you will place the new runner rug. Large shaggy rugs will require that you decide on engaging placement for optimal effect.

Suppose you have a 2×8 runner rug. In that case, placing these along the sides of your bed will look satisfying and aesthetically pleasant. Adjust them to ensure you place your feet on the lush and pleasant material when you wake up.

Rug Material

Materials range between pure coarse fiber and general synthetics. Ultimately, your choice depends on a personal preference. If you prefer that your house stay clean and organized, a thin and rough runner rug is a good choice. Avoid rugs with loops or high absorbency if you have pets. If your pets decide to have an accident on the runner rug, it’s easier to clean when the surface is thin and has fewer fibers. Flat rugs are also convenient if you want to get rid of dander.

Some runner rugs are cotton and nylon. They imply longevity and that you don’t have to change it in a long time. So stay easy and comfortable during season changes. If you prefer easy-to-clean and maintain designs, some synthetic material-based-runner rugs are a great option for your bedrooms. They are thin and even eliminate the need for a rug pad! Whether or not you end up choosing a nylon rug, consider the runner rug material wisely.

Style and Design

The style and design of a runner rug in a bedroom has an impeccable influence on the décor final outlook. Take your time to consider the style of the rug before making the decision solely on the material, size, and placement. Remember, your bedroom is personal and intimate, even if you share it with a roommate or a spouse.

Your style preference is what will matter when you opt for a runner rug to improve the beauty and appearance of your bedroom. Considering the bed and nightstands along with other furniture will narrow down the idea range to pick a runner rug. Hence, it will be easy for you to pick a style or design.

The size of the room helps determine the style and design of the rug you will eventually. A runner rug with a bold design will accentuate a small space. On the other hand, a spacious bedroom will look mesmerizing with a large shaggy rug.

Be it a lavish and luxurious shaggy rug or a simple nylon rug; the style will reflect your personality. The visual impression will highly motivate you in certain situations, too, such as your morning routine and when you come home from work.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are somewhat like a “middle man” between a rug and the floor. They prevent any damage to the fibers in the runner rugs as well as protect the floor from scuffs and scratches. A rug pad adds cushioning under the rug, so you feel more comfortable and cozy when you place your feet on it.


Eden Soft Shag Plush Tassel Moroccan Geometric Trellis

With a nearly 2″ pile of super soft polypropylene, this plush rug is made for comfort but high on style. In a classic Moroccan pattern of zigzag lines that overlap to create stripes of diamonds, the oversized scale of the design creates an optical illusion to make your space similarly feel larger. While high pile rugs such as shags and Moroccans are generally best used in low traffic areas to avoid becoming matted down, with regular cleaning and rotation so that it wears evenly, this rug would be lovely in a living space.


Are you ready to pick a runner rug for your bedroom now? Keep the information above in mind to make an informed decision to improve your bedroom’s aesthetics and functionality. Liven up your personal space with fancy runner rugs, such as a 2×8 runner rug. They give your room a wholesome and welcoming appearance that you and the guests will love.

March 19, 2021

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