3 Non-Overhead Bedroom Lighting Ideas


Know best ideas bedroom lighting options for your home.

The lighting you select for your bedroom is important. You want to make sure it lights up the whole room. You want it to match the rest of your bedroom fixtures and décor. Plus, lighting can be pricey so you may want to find something that will be in style for a few years.


Here are 3 ideas for non-overhead bedroom lighting ideas!


Why Might You Need a Non-Overhead Lighting Option?


Not all homes come with the proper wiring for overhead lighting, such as chandeliers or fans. You may not feel like messing with the wiring or hiring someone to set it all up. Even if you might do that in the future, it might not be in your budget right now.


If you’re renting, you might not have the freedom to change out the light fixtures. There are all kinds of rules and guidelines in your lease. The exact rules will vary by landlord, but it’s important to be aware of them and adhere to them.


Because of your lease agreement, you may not be allowed to install an overhead light fixture or swap out the existing one. This is a challenge for anyone who wants to add something more to a boring room.


What Can You Use Instead of Overhead Lighting?


You don’t need to panic! Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to light up a bedroom without installing overhead lighting. Take a look at some of these ideas and see which one will work best for your personal style!


  1. Floor lamps: There are some gorgeous floor lamps out there. They offer a good amount of light and add a design element to the space. You can choose from all different colors, shapes, sizes, and more. There is even a variety of metals and finishes to consider. The best part is that you can change out the lamp shade if your style changes!


  1. Table lamps: The possibilities are endless when it comes to table lamps. You can set them symmetrically on nightstands on either side of the bed. You can place one individually on a desk or dresser in the bedroom. Shelves are another great spot for table lamps and can complement the other décor you have on your shelves.


  1. String lights: String lights are a unique way to light up your bedroom. You can hang them around your room with tacks, adhesive strips, or hooks. If you’re renting, make sure this is okay with your landlord. String lights aren’t just for the holidays! They’re usually very bright too so you won’t need another strong light source.


As you can see, you aren’t completely out of luck if you can’t use overhead lighting. There are plenty of ways to let more light into a room. Plus, you won’t have to worry about upsetting your landlord or getting wiring installed. There are also ways to do these things on a budget so you don’t break the bank trying to light up your space. Give one of these ideas a try and enjoy your newly-lit bedroom!

March 18, 2019

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