5 Apartment Lighting Tips for Any Budget and Style


Know apartment lighting ideas and styles for your home.

The lighting that you choose for your apartment can have an impact on the entire look of space. The right lighting can go a long way and make your apartment look put-together. The wrong type of lighting can throw off your whole apartment.


It’s important to match the type of lighting you choose to your overall apartment style. You don’t want to use an ornate lamp if your whole apartment is very minimalistic. Match the lighting to the rest of your apartment.


As you search for lighting for your apartment, try to keep your style and your budget in mind. This will help you to find the best possible lighting options for your needs. If you ignore these two main factors, you may end up spending more than you would have liked to. You may also purchase a lamp that isn’t really your style.


To help you get started, here are some apartment lighting ideas that won’t break the bank:


  1. Purchase a floor lamp: Floor lamps are fairly inexpensive. They are easy to find and easy to set up. You can place them in a couple of corners of the living space to really add some light to the room. This is especially helpful if you don’t have another light source in the room.


  1. Swap out the lamp shades: Let’s say you found the perfect lamp but don’t like the lamp shade it came with. Lamps and lamp shades can be sold together or individually. Compare the pricing to see how you can get the best deal. A fun lamp shade can do a lot for the room so don’t be afraid to branch out.


  1. Use a bright light bulb: Always follow the guidelines for the type of light bulb that you can use for your lamp. If possible, use the brightest light bulb possible. This will make a single lamp more powerful and allow you to easily light up your space.


  1. Consider the rest of your décor: Before you start looking for lighting for your apartment, try to identify your overall decorative style. This will help you to narrow down your choices as you shop. If you can identify your style as retro, contemporary, or minimalistic, you will have an easier time selecting a lamp.


  1. Think about the effect you want: Depending on your style, you may want to create ambient or dramatic lighting. For more ambient lighting, choose a lamp shade in a light color. This will give the room more light. If you want less light and a more dramatic look, opt for a darker or black lamp shade.


Adding new lighting to your apartment is the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise small or boring space. You may not have a lot of options for changes you can make to your apartment. Check with your landlord if you are renting. Lamps are still a great option to use and can have a great effect on the overall style of your apartment.

March 13, 2019

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