5 Lighting Trends in 2021 – A Simplified Buying Guide for Lighting Fixtures


Top Buying Guide for Lighting Fixtures.

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Trends are borderless, so are lighting trends for 2021. We offer a trendy lighting guide covering the full spectrum of lights for your home.

The lighting fixtures will no more remain an afterthought at the time of designing a house. Today, the modern lighting style has pushed other home décor items to the back burner. Now, the lighting part has become a lynchpin for designing, decorating, and implementing ideas for your home.

Even replacing old lighting with new and trendy ones will give a new look to your home.

5 Popular 2021 Lighting Trends

While you can experiment with different lighting fixtures to add a touch of modernity and class to your space, here are the top trends in 2021.

Environment Friendly

This segment gels very naturally with wood, glass, and steel or iron. They are catchy for being economical.

This trend extends to natural materials: wood, glass, and fabric. If you love mother nature, get these lamps. It speaks for itself; from floor lamps with elegant leaves to chandeliers with branches, and wall lighting with glass in the form of drops, you can make a definite style statement.

Hence, anything relevant to nature will remain trendy for 2021 lighting.

Flush Mount Lights

This is more like a trend rather than an invention.

These lights are easy to fix and clean later on. Moreover, mounted with the ceiling, these lights sit underneath pretty well, leaving no room for extra space that can (to) attract dirt. You can install it in hallways, garages, and other odd places. Moreover, it looks good for its multi colors, designs, and easy fixing method.

You will observe flush-mounted LED lights lit in full leaves with no dark spots around, thus giving clear surroundings. Flush Mount lights are a bold statement for lighting and interior fashion.

Chandeliers – Simplicity and an Artist’s vision

A perfect chandelier in the right place can make it look like an artist’s work.

Additionally, a chandelier of the right size and design can look very energetic and active, seemingly engulfing its surrounding. Not to mention, chandeliers sit well even in small spaces without losing their charisma. That said, it is better you choose a chandelier of your liking, listen to your heart.

Simplicity is another feature with chandeliers. Small, simple, and elegant chandeliers are available even with a small budget. Chandeliers will add to your room’s grace.

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are a surprising trend for 21st century light lovers. They are in trend with colored glass, flowers, objects, shapes, and unique looks. Moreover, these attractive lighting fixtures are no longer an item for young ones only, as it was in the 80s and 90s.

You will see these lamps are coming with more colors, striped designs, and geometrical shapes. This all altogether brings a new and stylish look to your homes and offices.

Plus, they are becoming more prominent and important in future home designing. These lamps set a different mood in the surrounding atmosphere. They are going to be a part of your bedrooms for their soft lights, multi-colors, and low-lit atmosphere.

Lighting – a Pivotal Design Point

2021 will see lighting selection as pivotal in designing or refurbishing the rest of your home.

If you follow the latest interior designing trends, you might have noticed how ceiling lights have become the focus of rooms rather than being a utility. In 2021, more elegant styles and fittings will showcase the areas across your home, from contemporary to exquisite to classic. For instance, the recent addition of LED Standing Lamps perfects the trendy and modern lighting art.

Pendant Lights are also a modern-day innovation that makes the light more flowing and descriptive. It is good to go for such lights for places where you read your favorite books, watch shows, or write.

A Buying Guide to Pick the Best Lighting

Now that you are aware of the latest lighting trends to look forward to in 2021, here is a guide to help you buy the best lighting fixtures.

Types of Lighting

Following are the most common types of lights, and you must consider these options when you decide to purchase lights for your home, office, etc.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

LED lights to suffice any activity for lighting. It’s highly energy-efficient and may change the future of lighting forever.

Moreover, LEDs are different and more economical on budget and energy part. They are a mix of 3 basic colors which give white light. LEDs emit light in a particular direction reducing the use of deflectors to avoid glare etc. They talk very light heat, plus, LEDs offer flush-mounted lights.


The incandescent light design is in the mix for over a hundred years. They are the least energy efficient. Despite being inefficient, they have the advantage of being economical. Additionally, they are available in all sizes, shapes, and warm light excellent colors.


There are 2 types of fluorescent lights:

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) – these have integral ballasts and screw bases, and people mostly use these lamps in household fixtures.
  • Fluorescent tubes and lamps – specifically used as a task or work lights, such as in garages, gardens, cabinets, and large commercial areas.

Both types are energy saving compared to incandescent lights. They are most common due to their economy, persistent clean light, and will remain on for a longer time. Moreover, these bulbs don’t get overheated.

Outdoor solar

These are easy to install. They are most economical on the energy part, as the name suggests their feature for the economy and being in the latest lighting trends.

You can always ask the manufacturers if replacement bulbs or batteries are in stock.


Once you finalize your lighting purchases, focus on buying different lights for different places. This ensures all rooms have a fresh look and purpose. Most people go for uniform lights at home.

That said, refer to the following points before buying lights:

Ambient: Ideally, general lighting, ambient light fills the room, making it easy for you to move around safely. Hence, you cannot leave out this factor.

Task or Work Light: It’s self-explanatory as task or work lights will assist you in completing a particular job. This can vary from desk lamps, pendant, hanging lights, etc.

Accent: Lights illuminate a specific space, area, or surface like wall art, wall hangings, etc. They are more beneficial when they feature adjustable dimmers.

Purpose of Lighting

Most people miss this important factor, i.e., the place and its light requirement?

There are plenty of lighting options for a place. And different places are there for you to decide which need what type, kind, and color of lights.

We suggest you may have a second thought and survey your home again to decide what lights you need for different places. This will not make an extra or big impact on your budget. Some spaces need your special attention to buy the right lightings for that area.

Like for entryway, you may factor in a striking pendant or classic chandeliers. You can also add some wall hanging in the area or glass artwork, etc.

The bedroom is another area where you would love to spend your best time. Light it with overhead lights, table lamps, or lava lamps.

The kitchen is an important place in your home where you can opt for specific flush mount LED kitchen lights to give it a flourishing look. It will make it a more comfortable and go-to place in your home.

Likewise, you can assess your living, dining, and bathrooms to get the best, suitable light for them.

Mila 15″ Wood Beaded/Metal LED Flush Mount, Antique Gold / Cream

This light fixture has the appeal of a vintage found piece, with neutral-toned wood beads and a glam gold finish on the metal accents. Designers often say lighting is “the jewelry of the home” and this piece is a statement necklace. We love finding flush mounts that make such a large style statement, with only 12.5″ of drop — perfect for any ceiling height!

Final Thoughts

We conclude that modern day lighting carries a niche for futuristic design. Lighting has become a defining commodity when it comes to homes, offices, and commercial spaces. The trend is here to stay. Light may be solar or electric; its ever-growing influence on our lives will keep evolving.

January 11, 2021

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