5 Task Lamps Under $150

Task lamps are the perfect addition to any office space at home or at work. They give you just the right amount of light in order to focus on your work. Choosing the right task lamp allows you to use it as a decorative piece as well. This provides functionality and style in just one item.


Of course, it can be easy to spend a lot of money on any type of lighting. The goal is to find quality pieces that look great in your home without breaking the bank. The perfect place to begin this search is Eyely.com. We’ve collected 5 task lamps under $150 to make this even simpler for you!


Loire Metal LED Task Lamp



The brass and black in this task lamp are a match made in heaven. It’s a very chic lamp that works well in a variety of spaces. It offers an adjustable focus, keeping it nice and functional. The style itself makes it easy to use as a decorative piece when not in use. It looks great in minimalist and contemporary spaces. The geometric shapes in this task lamp keep it interesting.


Nicotiana Metal LED Task Lamp



This is an excellent task lamp for an industrial themed home or work space. It features copper, which is unique from most of the other lamps on this list. It has a swinging shade for functionality, which makes it easier for you to work. It’s a great accent piece. Try pairing it with a couple of other copper pieces throughout your home.


Jimmy Brass LED Task Lamp



The Jimmy Task Lamp offers a modern take on a classic task lamp. The three legs make it more appealing than a standard individual stand. It features black and brass with a pop of white inside the lamp shade. It’s the perfect addition to any modern space. This one is a great idea for anyone who wants a fashionable and functional piece.


Nasturtium Metal LED Task Table Lamp



If you’re looking for something unique and modern, look no further than the Nasturtium Task Lamp. It has a combination of black and copper tones, which sets it apart from many of the other options out there. Its white shade helps to bring even more light to your work space. It’s small so that it is easy to store, but it is very powerful and can give you the light you need!


Saylor Metal LED Task Lamp



Do you need a modern task lamp to finish off your modern space? The Saylor Metal Task Lamp features black and brass, which gives you the modern look you may be looking for. The head can move from side to side, which gives you optimal lighting where you need it. This beautiful lamp would look amazing on any desk!


When you’re looking at task lamps, make sure it goes with the rest of your space. Many task lamps come in neutral colors, which does make it easier to fit them into your home. If you want to branch out and use a brightly-colored task lamp, try to match it with a couple of other accents in your home. This will keep everything cohesive and help with the flow of the space.

April 2, 2019