5 Things to Look for in Vintage-Style Rugs


Learn how to choose the best vintage-style rug.

Vintage style rug

A variety of rug patterns, types, and styles are available for you to choose from. This is a great advantage for you if you like narrowing down from a wide range of options to the best one. In this case, you can compare the pros and cons and select one according to your preference. On the other hand, it can also be intimidating if deciding between numerous and varied collections seems confusing. When you are serious about following a trend, you need something that never goes out of style. Therefore, vintage-style rugs are perfect to complement your interior and will always stay in fashion.

Why Choose a Vintage Style Rug?

These rugs will provide your house an aesthetic appeal. The vibrant colors and attractive patterns will represent a wonderful character in your stony room or hallways. These rugs are not as expensive as traditional rugs, but they give your home a luxurious environment. Consequently, people use vintage-style rugs in private art galleries, living rooms, and even dining rooms. Placing these rugs in your bedroom will enhance the beauty and deliver a comfortable walking experience. Furthermore, it keeps your bedroom more comfortable for a relaxing atmosphere.

A major feature of vintage-style rugs is that they include vintage patterns. These patterns have startling elements and patterns in vibrant colors. Furthermore, they are accessible and classic as opposed to other types of rugs available in an antique shop. With so many designs and patterns, you have adequate options to experiment with vintage designs and vintage-style rugs.

Things to Look When Purchasing Vintage Style Rugs

Here are five things to look at while selecting vintage style rugs for your home:

1. Decide the Motif

While purchasing a vintage-style rug, consider the pattern you like the most. Manufacturers make traditional area rugs by hand. They spend a lot of time designing an intricate pattern. To design the pattern, the manufacturer has to concentrate on each knot individually. That is the reason these rugs are highly expensive and popular. If you want the same vintage-like rug pattern in your house on a budget, vintage-style rugs are the best option to start.

The pattern of the vintage-style rugs makes them different from coastal, modern, or minimalist styles. While choosing a vintage-style area rug, you can decide between different floral motifs, scrollwork, medallions, and borders. The elements on the rugs from the Far East are stylish and classic. So if you want rug patterns that work well with any number of furnishings, select these masterpieces.

2. Choose the Color

With so many vintage-style area rugs, you will find them in just about any color. However, selecting rugs that are similar to traditional area rugs requires some knowledge. You should know popular color schemes for vintage-style rugs. These rugs have neutral and earthy tones. Therefore, deciding between indigo, green, deep browns, russet, and gold are popular color schemes for vintage-style rugs. Avoid bright and bold hues, such as neon yellow and lime green, if you want to reflect the traditional rug’s color scheme. When it comes to vintage-style rugs, the foremost aim is to buy one that’s similar to original traditional rugs. For instance, rugs with heavy florals include purple and pink motifs with gray and green accents. These types of rugs will look remarkable for a closet, powder room, and sitting room.

3. Decide between Circular or Rectangular Rug

Rectangular vintage-style rugs have more popularity and demand than any other rug shape. But round rugs are gaining more popularity. Many interior designers consider those round rugs to highlight traditional style in a better way. The best locations to place these rugs are in between the bay window and under pedestal tables. Vintage-style rugs also create splendid visual interest in the room. It defines the room and changes the perception of the interior, creating more depth.

4. Consider the Room’s Size

While adding visual weight to the room, vintage-style rugs induce a layering effect to make the room seem well-rounded. The texture and color of the rug have a great impact on bringing visual weight. But size is also an important factor to increase focus inside the room. You need your room to be open and light. Therefore, choosing the right side of the rug will significantly impact the space in the room.

Many people think that the bigger the rug, the better the interior. Even though this statement is true at some point, but most times, it does not work as well as it sounds. When you are adding patterns and colors to your floor with vintage-style rugs, make sure that you do not cover the entire floor. Give your room some breathing space by including a medium-sized rectangular or circular rug. Consequently, measure your room to choose the perfect rug size.

5. Choose the Material

You can purchase knotted wool or hand-loomed woven traditional area rugs from the antique shop. No doubt, these rugs will look beautiful in the room. Maintaining and cleaning these rugs will be demanding. It would be difficult to clean the wool that comes out of the vintage rugs. Furthermore, these rugs are vulnerable to mites and moths, which means they degrade over time. You can enjoy the same experience and ambiance with vintage-style rugs in good condition. These rugs have the same pattern and design, bringing an aesthetic effect to the room.

Pinta Modern Tribal Medallion Light Blue/Ivory 3 ft. x 5 ft. Area Rug

Three diamond-shaped medallions in the center of this design recall ancient geometric tribal rugs. The deep ivory and neutral color scheme adds a modern twist. With its Bohemian-inspired, distressed look, this rug would be perfect for a dining room, living room, entry or bedroom.

Vintage rugs are carefully made with traditional hand-loomed techniques. Because these rugs require a lot of effort and time, they cost more than modern and continental rugs. If you are on a budget, vintage-style rugs would be your best pick. However, if you are comfortable in investing in an original vintage rug and find one in good shape, then purchasing that traditional area rug would be the best decision.

May 13, 2021

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