5 Tips for Lighting Your Bedroom

When you are selecting lighting for any space, there is a lot to keep in mind. You need to consider the style of your space, the use of the lighting, the colors you want to incorporate, and more. It’s important to light each room in your home properly to ensure that it works well for you.


Your bedroom is one space that can truly meet your needs. You can choose the lighting that you want to have in your bedroom because you are the one using it the most. The lighting you choose should work best for you and your lifestyle.


Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right lighting sources for your bedroom:


  1. Add some accents. By choosing a light fixture that features design elements, you can add an accent to your bedroom. Unique lighting can be a good way to add more style to your space. This then functions as a light but can also be a decorative piece. It’s the perfect combination. Plus, you won’t have to buy as many pieces for your bedroom.


Our accent lighting recommendation: Kyla 31″ Seagrass Weave LED Table Lamp

Kyla 31″ Seagrass Weave LED Table Lamp, Natural


  1. Consider task lighting. Task lighting is especially important if you have a desk in your bedroom or if you like to read before bed. You need to make sure you have the right lighting for those situations. If you don’t happen to work or read in your bedroom, task lighting isn’t necessary. It can be nice to have if you may use it in the future though. Remember that the main purpose of task lighting is functionality. Luckily, there are still attractive task lighting options.


Our task lighting recommendation: Nicotiana 18″ Metal LED Task Lamp


Nicotiana 18″ Metal LED Task Lamp, Copper


  1. Match the size of the space. If you have a large bedroom, you will need multiple light sources. If you have a smaller bedroom, one or two light sources may be enough. The size of the light sources also matters. A large room with a large centerpiece light source works well. If you want to use smaller lights in a large room, find a few to use throughout the room. Balancing this properly ensures that your bedroom is well-lit and decorated.


Our centerpiece lighting recommendation: Myles 17” Metal LED Pendant

Myles 17″ Metal LED Pendant Light


  1. Select lighting that goes with your style. You want to make sure that your space is cohesive. If you have a modern bedroom, don’t choose a rustic light source. The light source you choose should match the rest of your bedroom décor. If you are choosing multiple light sources, make sure that they all go well together and look right with the rest of your bedroom.


Our modern bedroom lighting recommendation: Mason 29″ Resin LED Table Lamp

Mason 29″ Resin LED Table Lamp, White/Black Faux Marble



  1. Think about the metals in your bedroom. You probably already have some type of metal accent in your space. This may be the door handles or drawer pulls. Make sure that you choose metals that go together if your light source has metal details. Again, this will keep the space cohesive.


Our metal accent lighting recommendation: Eloise 3-Light 19″ Metal LED Pendant

Eloise 3-Light 19″ Metal LED Pendant, Gold/White

April 25, 2019