5 Contemporary Lights to Add to Your Home


Know best ideas lighting options for your home.

When you’re decorating your home, you want to select the perfect style. It should reflect your interests or who you are. Also, it’s important to make sure everything goes well together. You don’t want to mix and match styles in most cases. If your style is contemporary, here are some lighting options that you can add to your home!

Demi 26″ Glass and Crystal LED Table Lamp, Aqua

Brighten and beautify your interiors with this light blue glass table lamp. The lamp’s sphere shape and elegant etched diamond pattern blends traditional and contemporary style, making this lamp perfect for any style of decor. A classic white drum shade and silk-wrapped cord complete the look.

We like table lamps because they are functional and fashionable. The right table lamp can add a nice design element to your space. Of course, since it lights up your space, it has an important function too!

This table lamp is the perfect accent to any contemporary room. It looks great on a bookshelf or on an end table. It has an aqua glass base and a white cotton drum shade. It’s absolutely beautiful and would be a great way to light up your room!

Alina 1-Light 8″ Brass Wall Sconce, Black/Brass

Steel construction never looked as good as with the styling of this contemporary wall sconce. The frosted white glass globes project soft lighting to the room while its antique brass finish bolsters a rustic yet modern atmosphere. Update your living space with this charming wall sconce’s clean looks.

Sconces are a nice way to light up a room without taking up table or floor space. You can use a pair of sconces in place of a side table lamp.

These gorgeous wall sconces feature a combination of both brass and black. They look best when hung symmetrically on either side of a bed. They even include Edison blubs to complete the contemporary look. The Alina Brass Wall Sconce provides a nice soft light for your space.

Arkansas 16.5″ Adjustable Integrated LED Metal Pendant, Black

The 60’s had their share of space age-inspired light fixtures, and this modern update brings those inspirations into the future. Fully outfitted with integrated LED lights, a trio of rings combine to show an orbital pattern. Whether over a kitchen island or making a statement in a powder room, you’ll love how low maintenance LED fixtures are — no more hauling out the ladder for bulb changes — truly the future!

When it comes to chandeliers and pendants, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many of these may not work for your contemporary style though. It’s important to keep looking so that you are able to maintain a cohesive style. That’s where the Arkansas LED Metal Pendant comes in!

This pendant looks very cool in the light, but it’s even better in the dark. It’s made from three LED light rings. This makes for a very minimalist design, which matches perfectly with your contemporary style. Since it’s constructed using LED lights, you don’t have to worry about frequent bulb changes. This is a great option for you to hang above your kitchen island or table.

Brooklyn 59″ Metal/Glass LED Side Table and Floor Lamp, Brass

When space is tight or you want to streamline your look, this floor lamp with a wrap-around side table is the perfect solution. Crafted of iron plated in a golden brass finish, the glass table is equally versatile in size and shape. We love featuring this piece in a reading nook or next to a sofa.

We’ve all seen floor lamps and we’ve all seen side tables. Have you ever seen them both at once? The Brooklyn Side Table and Floor Lamp includes both of these important elements. Instead of buying both of them individually, you can purchase them together.

This two-in-one piece is elegant and adds some interest to any space. It works well in a living room, but it can also be nice in a bedroom. Since the pair is already together, you don’t have to worry about matching an end table to your lamps. The hard work is already done!

Congo 11.75″ Pinecone Wood LED Pendant, Natural/Black

The sketch for this organic modern pendant was conceived after being inspired by the modern Scandinavian cabins popping up all over design magazines. Combining utility and style, it is compatible with LED lighting so that you won’t have to frequently climb a ladder to change the bulb. And taking silhouette inspiration from a pinecone and artichoke, the light shines between the wood panels creating a natural element that also feels very chic.

Have you been looking for a unique type of lighting? You don’t want your home to look exactly like everyone else’s. You want something fun or different. You want to branch out and try something new.

Until you really look at this Pinecone Wood Pendant, you may not realize that it’s actually a light. It has a very organic shape so it works well with the contemporary style. The light shines through from the small spaces in the wood, keeping things nice and soft.

Sticking to a specific design style is important. Choose your favorite style and add in pieces that match it well to keep everything cohesive. If you’re loving the contemporary look, here are some lighting options to choose from!

March 18, 2019

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