6 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Home


Tips to choose outdoor lighting ideas for home in your budget.

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Outdoor lighting serves the exterior of your house. The way people perceive it when they see an illuminated structure that reflects your personality might benefit you in various ways, especially from a social perspective (maybe your neighbors and/ or friends). Moreover, this modern outdoor lighting has various aspects ranging from and between the front door, backyard, porch, patios, and even the front walkway along with the gardens.

Modern outdoor lighting entails various benefits that we will discuss below. However, in this article, you will read about 6 of the best and achievable budget-friendly outdoor lighting ideas for your home.

Importance and Potential Benefits

Is there anything better to do on a relaxing evening than to sit on your porch or your backyard with your favorite person or activity? But do you have to go indoors to relax further because it is dark outside? Well, this problem is nothing to worry about with modern outdoor lighting.

Furthermore, there is a security feature in the outdoor lighting. A traditional or modern outdoor lighting method has the potential to spread light outwards from your housing structure. This discourages intruders from trespassing on your property. In detail, exposure to light on a street or a road will prevent any illegal breaking in your house. The light will prevent any intruders or thieves from lurking inside the shadows around your house. Hence, you will have reinforced the feature of safety in case of theft, B& E, damage to property, vandalism, etc.

Moreover, outdoor lighting makes for a relaxing experience when you are trying to enjoy the calm and peace of your home. You might be enjoying some music, reading a book, looking at the stars, or meditating. Proper placement and use of modern outdoor lighting can help with that. Below are 6 of these ideas.

6 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

1. Security Lighting Idea

This outdoor lighting idea entails the extensive benefits of security and safety, as we discussed above. Moreover, this is the brightest lighting idea that will create an intense illumination in the surrounding perimeter of your house. Security lights can help in the case of both intruders and dangerous animals.

This way, you receive greater protection from theft and vandalism. 120-V current lighting in spots at heights such as the corners or pillars around the house. After the installment of such security lights, the light rays beam downwards. Moreover, it can detect anyone lurking in the shadows.

2. String Lighting

If you are looking for an ambiance that promotes entertainment, string lighting is a viable option. Stop wondering how you can illuminate a backyard party or a kitchen feast with neighbors in your garden, hang a string of lights. Go for rechargeable or traditional battery-powered light bulbs to hang on strings.

Use extension cords if you are looking to plug them in the house’s mains. If not, look for solar-powered light bulbs. Furthermore, there is also the availability of LED bulbs that can last longer and ensure durable outdoor lighting.

3. Lanterns

Are you looking for a warm and welcoming front door area? Excellent! Traditional lanterns and sconces can be of great help. You might wonder how a lantern at the front door is a modern outdoor lighting idea. It is not. However, modern touch to the design and architecture, alongside technological advancements, has paved the way for lanterns to get out of those “styles from the past.”
Highlight your door, porch, or even your backyard with a soft lighting effect from lanterns. Let there be enough light to allow the detection of trespassers around your porch. Pick out the glare-free lanterns for better illumination and avoid the glass-lantern for better diffuse.

4. Path Lighting

Do you have a garden and a front walkway to your house? Do you ever speculate about the ways you can make the walkway appealing and exotic to yourself and others? Here is just the thing for that. With path lighting, you can install a line-up of small lights that illuminate the walkway and let you see clearly when it’s dark.

Moreover, increase the appeal by adding different colors according to the season to reflect your adaptive and seasonal personality. These lights are quite inexpensive as they are normally 15-20 V LED bulbs. Yet, they significantly enhance your home’s appearance.

5. Flower Pot Lighting

This modern outdoor lighting idea is similar to the path lighting idea. However, there is a unique difference. This idea implies the use of LED lights inside flower pots that you might place on your porch or along both sides of the pathway leading to your front door.

The flower pot lights will illuminate the surrounding area upon turning them on, and you can even opt for different light shades to reflect the colors of flowers inside the pots.

6.Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Chandeliers are a distinctive aspect of modern outdoor lighting. Hang a series of pendant chandeliers on your porch or along with your furnished patio. If you are willing to enjoy romance and calm at your house sitting on your patio, crystal pendant chandeliers are a classical option.

They may be old-fashioned, but a few tweaks can modernize the appearance and glow-ability of a pendant chandelier.

Estrella 12″ Crystal/Metal LED Chandelier Pendant Chandelier, Chrome

Moroccan quatrefoil lanterns inspired the shape of this stunning chandelier, which finished in crystal is elegant and glamorous. The chain is adjustable, allowing maximum versatility for any ceiling height. We love hanging a trio at different heights in a foyer or a single over a seating nook for a lux look.


Set your own style and décor inside, as well as outside the house. There are no restrictions as to how many ideas that you can use to accentuate the ambiance and visual of your house’s exterior. Fortunately, the ideas above are cheap and inexpensive to implement, so they can bring more joy and delight when you carry on with leisure activities outside your house.

March 30, 2021

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