6 Wall Sconces to Buy on a Budget

Decorating your home can get expensive. If you aren’t careful, you can spend thousands of dollars on just a couple of small upgrades. Not everyone is able to do that. In addition, not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on these upgrades.


To help you out with one area of your home, we’ve gathered six wall sconce options that are under $100 each! Take a look at these sconces and choose your favorite for your home:


Wesley Metal/Glass LED Vanity Light




This sconce has a very classic look to it. The chrome and textured glass combination is perfect for any more classic or traditional style. The textured glass helps to keep things interesting with this more classic look. This sconce looks great in a bathroom, especially beside a mirror. It gives the room a soft, warm lighting effect.


Santino Hurricane Metal Glass Vanity




This second sconce also features a clear and chrome combination, but it’s different in a couple of ways. It features a shade with glass bubbles for some uniqueness and this allows for a lot of light to shine through. Something especially great about this sconce is that it can be hung in north or south orientation. This is one sconce that looks amazing in almost any space.


Billy Metal Shade Sconce




The Billy Metal Shade Sconce comes in a beautiful oil rubbed bronze color. This is perfect for an industrial home. It evens comes with an Edison bulb so it’s ready to install as soon as you receive it. This would be a great choice in your kitchen beside the windows.


Musa Metal Shade Sconce



The Musa Metal Shade Sconce pairs a traditional chrome finish with an industrial shape. Add the provided Edison bulb and you have the perfect sconce for a variety of styles. We like this sconce in a kitchen or in a bathroom, but it is a versatile piece that can be used nearly anywhere in your home.


Scott and Julie Metal Vanity Lights






These two sconces feature the same shape and both come complete with an Edison bulb. They are perfect for bathrooms or vanities and look great on either side of a mirror. They can be used in either north or south orientation.


With these sconces, you have two options. The Scott Metal Vanity Light comes in chrome, which is a very classic finish. You should opt for this one if you’re looking for an elegant design. The Julie Metal Vanity Light is available in an oil rubbed bronze color, which has a more antiquated look. This is best for an industrial home.


When you’re buying wall sconces, it’s good to have an idea about what you want to do with them. You might put them on either side of your bed. They also look nice on each side of a fireplace or mantle. You can place several sconces in between mirrors or art pieces on a long wall as well.


Wall sconces are just one of the items that you should consider buying on a budget. It is especially helpful to buy more affordable sconces because you will need two. Sconces look best in pairs or in a set of three or four. Eyely.com offers a selection of sconces that will be within your budget and make your home look great!



March 20, 2019