A Guide on Classic to Contemporary World for The Beauty and Benefits of Globe Lighting


Lights or globe lights are an imitation of a natural source of light, the Sun. Globe lights give us more scattered light in our household. With that, it brings a mesmerizing effect on everyone without exception.
“Classic” and “contemporary” styles have always been in the debate when it comes to home décor and lighting. This keeps us busy in looking for ways to explore more and more avenues to finding the related beauty and benefits of globe lighting.
We will make you travel through this odyssey.

The Difference between a Classic to Contemporary Globe Lighting

It’s elementary yet need clarity to establish a difference between classic and contemporary globe lighting. The difference yard-stick varies from one person to another person.

Classic globe lights’ history dates back to the 1700s when lamps started getting glass shapes; globe light is an evolution of candles, oil lamps, etc. They remain vintage because of their designs depicting different eras and cultures. You will find they talk history and exhibit the culture they come from.

The contemporary or modern globe lighting era hit its peak between the 1950s and 60s, or you may refer to it as mid-century styles. Their hallmark is simplicity and sharp looks.

Classic Globe Lighting

Class is permanent so are the classic globe lights. Their base materials range from forged iron to brass to copper, bronze, and wood.

These globes come with different styles, designs, and relevant colors that can literally take you to an era they depict. Plus, they come with long extensions, arms, with a socket at the end to fit in a bulb.

You may find some classic globe lights in blown glass, ceramics, crystal, etc. These classic globe lights will look perfect at any place in your home.

They are classic beauty and have benefits, most significant being their energy-efficient behavior.


Classic lights are in use for low ambiance lights. Typically, these globes use low wattage lights to make their presence felt. In a more carefree budget option, you can use some high wattage lights in your globes to make them look more glowing. LED lights can be another viable option to lit your classic globe lighting fixtures.

They will give you a warm feeling whenever you lit them.

Contemporary Globe Lighting

Contemporary globe lighting will give you a mix of flat and solid colors, different striking angles to light the area around, and symmetrical and sharp looks.

A mid-20th century evolution in globe lighting that hit every household was something a first of its kind. These trends are now traveling with us well into the 21st century.

They are beautiful and offer plenty of benefits in different manners.

Types of Globe Lights

Let’s have a look at the different types of globe lights that can brighten up an otherwise dull space.

Fluorescent light Globe

These lamps are not only efficient but remain cooler than other globe lights.

They are best for any interior décor, design, and scheme. Their production cost is low, and they have a long life. Moreover, their cool temperature character is hard to ignore when placing a globe with a fluorescent bulb for your interior decor.

Their best feature is they will offer you a uniform or diffusing light, minimizing sharp shadows. Hence, it is good for putting globes with such bulbs anywhere.

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) Globe

These LED globes are a statement for solid light. It’s a must-have home décor item. Additionally, they are energy-efficient and have a long life.

They serve many purposes, from your bedrooms to the balcony to ceremonies to playing grounds. Energy-efficient and throwing equal light in all directions are their signature features. Thus, LED globes are hard to overlook.

They add a peaceful effect to your décor choice.

Halogen Globes

You may know them with names like quartz lamps and tungsten halogen lamps. They are additional arms to incandescent lights.

These globes are perfect for those who prefer a sun-like light effect. These globes offer bright, white, and slightly warm light. This is good for reading, and you can use it as a task light. Its beauty will enhance your chances to use it more often. The globes are good for low-temperature areas.

Additionally, they are small and lightweight. You can fix them anywhere without a heavy base to let them stay perfect in their sockets.

Fluorescent Tubes for Globes

These fluorescent tubes can add a whole fresh look to your globe lighting. They give you a cool and relatively energy-efficient light to sizeable areas.

Moreover, they are light, compact, offer good lumens, long life, infinite shapes, low cost, and emit less heat. They are at least 3 times more efficient than an incandescent light – how cool is that?

Globe Pendant

A globe pendant is a classic or contemporary globe light marvel –very hard to identify. Although it was an offspring of a mid-20th century evolution, yet it is holding its ground with no second in place.

It’s ever-interesting spherical shape, variety of colors, and hanging styles give it simply a unique place in globe lighting.

It’s hard to recall if any genre doesn’t like it. Ever since it saw the daylight, it never fell apart from any home décor, designers, architects, or culture. Hence, it’s everywhere on all continents.

You can have it in both new technological and traditional materials, like hand blown artifact, twisted or lined glass, etc.

Conclusive Remarks

It’s difficult to blend your lighting plans from classic to the contemporary era and yet manage the beauty and benefits of globe lights alike. This guide may well be a cursor for you to re-think and reschedule your home light plans.

Both styles are around with fervor and depth, as both give a simple, spacious, and captivating look to your surroundings. Both styles are in, and you have made them more relevant as they may appear to be.

You can enjoy the beauty and benefits of globe lighting, whether they exhibit classic or contemporary beauty.

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January 28, 2021

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