Best Modern Pendant Lighting Trends for 2020


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In any space, lighting has the power to accentuate features and décor or make them appear drab. If you choose correctly and wisely, you can either transform your place into something magical or make the interior seem chaotic and hastily put-together.

Lights have come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb. From mini glass pendant lights to excellent aesthetically pleasing and Avant-Garde designs, you have a world of styles to choose from. When integrated with design, lighting is more of a work of art than a functional tool.

2020 lighting designs act as the centrepiece for your home and enhance other embellishments in your home. You can get away with putting in the minimal effort while selecting furniture and make up for it with modern, pretty lights.

Make your room look magical, study-centric, romantic, glamorous, or futuristic with the top lighting trends of 2020.

1. Mini Glass Pendant Lights

Many pendant lights in the market typically demand that you spend over a hundred dollars on them. Why should you when you can choose from something more practical, affordable and stylish?

When you need lighting over a larger area, like a dining table or kitchen island, you generally need to buy multiple pendant lights. Consequently, you must look for pendant lights that come in packs of three or even more. You can find them as a modern clear-glass lamp set of three, which is quite a popular style in 2020. These mini glass pendant lights display the famous Edison-style bulbs, and you can space them as far apart or as close together as you require for your choice of lighting coverage.

2. Nuvo Lighting Warehouse

The best pendant lights are ones that work in multiple spaces, send light outwards, and direct it downwards too. They do not stream down on a particular task but work as both, ambient and surface lighting.

The warehouse shade of Nuvo Lighting is the most versatile kind of pendant light. It works well in a variety of spaces, be it over your kitchen island, tucked into your powder room, or even hanging from your breakfast nook.

Over the past few years, we have seen homeowners showing a great preference for pendant lights with a versatile design. It needs to be able to play well with several décor styles, such as industrial, modern and farmhouse. This is why classic warehouse-style pendant lights came into being. It is a popular design that allows you to make variations in size, finish and shape.

You can find classic warehouse-style pendant lights in six types of finishing, including cherry red and Kelly green. The other choices remain between neutral colors that can match with just about anything in your space.

3. 3-Light Vintage Pendant

This style is especially popular for kitchen areas. You can use pendant lights in your kitchen for multiple purposes. From adding a stylish element to working as targeting surface lights, pendant lights help you complete tasks such as chopping vegetables, reading, and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Kitchen islands are generally long and wide areas, so you need at least two big pendant lights or three smaller ones when possible. These vintage lights are hitting the market in 2020 and come in a set of three. You can hang them individually, or you can hang all three from a single track for perfect alignment.

This set of vintage 3-lights is a great combination of the classic farmhouse look with clear shades of glass and an adjustable height. For a larger kitchen, you can even find these in sets of four.

4. Conical Drum Pendant

If you wish to incorporate an element of design into your space, the best way to do it is with pendant lights. Conical drum pendants are a popular choice for 2020. You can find these in six different finishes and shades, as well as three different sizes. With so many options, you will certainly find a conical drum pendant light that’s perfect for your needs.

You can hang these pendant lights in the middle of your living room, over your dining table and even as your bedside light. This is a futuristic light design that will serve you faithfully for years to come, regardless of where you hang it.

5. Linea di Liara Primo –Industrial Pendant Light

While many of us have a window above our kitchen sinks, most of us put off doing the dishes until after dark. In this case, a pendant light is a convenient solution to light up your kitchen just where you need it.

This industrial light is a clear, small globe that comes in three metal finishes. You can incorporate it in contrast to your kitchen, by matching it with your décor or use it as a dramatic statement piece. This is a great design to match seamlessly with other hardware and lighting you have.

6. Globe Electric Angelica- Plug-in Pendant

Bedside lamps are quickly becoming a thing of the past with these new, plug-in pendant styles of 2020. We all need layers of good lighting in our bedroom, but they need to be the sort we can dim when winding down but still bright enough to allow us to read in bed.

These pendants by Globe Electric Angelica are a refreshing alternative that hangs from the ceiling and save your nightstand the space a lamp would consume. These pendant lights also add symmetry and a feeling of structure to your bed, while making it a focal point.

For a boho-type look, you can hang a bare bulb from a peg on your wall. On the other hand, a crystal fixture hanging from your ceiling adds a touch of romance. You can plug in this sparkly pendant to your current outlet. It comes with an on-off switch that makes it easier to operate.

Final Thoughts

From mini glass pendant lights to basket pendant lights, the market is ripe with pendant lighting fixtures of 2020. These styles make sure you lighten and liven your space up without needing to invest much into it. With a good taste in decor and plenty of careful choosing, you can add tons of character, style, modernity, and light to your space.


March 14, 2020

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