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Bohemian rugs - color, styles and buying tips.

Boho style is a top trend at the moment, and if you love color and pattern, it’s a trend you’ll adore. The name “Boho” means Bohemian, after a group of British artists who lived a carefree, unconventional life about 100 years ago. The Bloomsbury group created painted interiors covering floors, walls and ceiling with a riotous mix of color and pattern. On top of shabby antique furniture they layered colorful textiles, pillows, and rugs gathered from trips to exotic places.

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Bohemians loved to surround themselves with interesting people and spent their time making art, music and poetry. Boho may be trendy right now, but true Bohemian living room rugs ignores trends – it’s living with who and what you love, and it won’t be going away anytime soon! So dive in to Boho style with us…

Boho Jewel-Toned Color Schemes:

Old-school Boho style has plenty of color, like fuschia, red, teal, burgundy, gold, and green – the rich colors of exotic Marrakech, India, and Eastern Europe. For true Bohemian chic, add ikat designs, paisley, or Indian floral fabrics; art-filled walls and rooms full of plants complete the look:

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Start with a vibrant rug like this medallion design for inspiration, and coordinate the colors of the rug with layers of pattern in your pillows, throws, and curtains:

Madison Boho Vintage Medallion Rug

Whimsical in color, the traditional framed medallion design on this bohemian rug adds a tasteful splash of color to any style of d?cor. Whether for a high traffic space like a living room or dining room, or a private space like a bedroom or bathroom, the durability and style combine to create the perfect floor covering. In shades of blue, red, coral, and ivory; this rug is a stunning accent for any space.

If a geometric rug design is a bit too much for you, an all-over pattern has all the Boho charm you need. A deep wall color like teal, red, or even black makes your art and accessories pop. An all-over pattern like vines or flowers mixes beautifully with leather, velvet, and rich textiles to create a cozy, exotic escape. This colorful rug is a bold take on a traditional floral design:

Trieste Persian Boho Floral Rug

In a small-scale pattern replete with all the classic Persian motifs — flowers, vines, medallions, and a chic border — this rug is perfect for any room. Whether forming the foundation for a layered bohemian look or as the accent in a traditional room, the super soft polypropylene looks and feels great underfoot. And with a stunning combination of colors — navy, red, pink, yellow, aqua, ivory, and more — it will bring levity to any style of decor.

Boho And Modern, Airy Interiors

Modern Bohemian style means bringing that global hippie vibe into modern, minimalist interiors. Instead of maxing out on color and pattern, limit your color palette and look for chunky textures and ethnic-inspired patterns. Have fewer art pieces on the walls, and collect wood sculpture, baskets, feathers, and other natural elements to create that Bohemian layered look.

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Light and airy modern rooms can still feel cozy and grounded – fill them with chunky cotton textures, weathered wood tones, and collections that hint at a well-traveled life. Focus on one or two accent colors and repeat them in pillows, textiles and rugs for a pulled-together look.

Modern and minimal shouldn’t be limited to neutral colors either. With Boho design, there are no hard and fast rules – add a pop of color here and there, and make sure things look “collected” and not matchy. Pattern on the floor is a big part of a Boho room, so don’t forget the rug! With its Moroccan-inspired pattern and fresh, summery blue color, this rug adds a touch of global chic to any space:

Istanbul Boho Vintage Medallion Rug

Put the focus on floors with a beautiful scrolling pattern, traditionally used in Moroccan designs. Using a special power loom, skilled artisans create the effect of random coloring, making each rug appear painterly and hand-dyed. The classic design is updated with modern materials, ensuring this floor covering will stand the test of time.

So what’s your Bohemian style? Chaotic layers of pattern and rich, exotic colors? Or a serene, modern space with artsy touches? Either way, choosing a bold rug is a great way to pull your design together.

March 20, 2019

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