Do You Need a Pad For Your Outdoor Rug?

The weather is warming up and you’re probably spending more time outdoors. Now is the perfect time to brighten up your outdoor area so it’s ready for family and friends. One of the best ways to add a little something extra to your porch, patio, or deck is by adding an outdoor rug.


If you’re shopping for an outdoor rug, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Outdoor rugs aren’t exactly the same as indoor rugs. Because of this, there is often some confusion about buying outdoor rugs. One common question is whether you need a pad under an outdoor rug.


If you have indoor rugs, you likely have pads under those rugs. Outdoor rugs are different in some ways, but they do share some similarities with indoor rugs. One of those similarities is the need for a rug pad.


No matter what type of rug you’re buying, it’s a good idea to purchase a pad to go under the rug. This is useful for several reasons and improves the functionality of your rug overall.


Here is why you should use a rug pad for an outdoor rug:


First, one of the most important reasons you need a rug pad is that they allow air to circulate. Without a pad, air can’t circulate below the rug. If there is little to no circulation, you may run into several issues. Most commonly, little to no air circulation leads to mold, mildew, and bacteria. A rug pad is a simple way to improve circulation and prevent those issues.


Another problem is that dirt and debris can get trapped between the rug and the patio or deck. The rug pad acts as a buffer. This dirt and debris then won’t be able to stain or discolor the wood or concrete.


Rug pads also help to prevent you from slipping. This is more of a problem on smoother surfaces because the rug may slide around. By using a rug pad, you are able to keep the rug in place. This is helpful so you don’t have to move the rug back to its place often. It will stay put with a quality rug pad.


Rug pads provide comfort. Most outdoor rugs are fairly thin so adding a pad helps to make them more comfortable to walk on. Look for a thick rug pad to give yourself an extra soft surface to walk on.


Looking for the perfect outdoor rug for your space? offers a selection of outdoor rugs that are great for any outdoor area. One great choice is the Nuku Bohemian Textured Weave Floral Indoor/Outdoor:

Nuku Bohemian Textured Weave Floral Indoor/Outdoor

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Wallis Bohemian Medallion Textured Weave Indoor/Outdoor.

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In addition to selling rugs, also offers rug pads that fit each of the rugs perfectly. You can add a pad onto any order when you are adding a rug to your cart. Remember to buy a rug pad to prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew. Plus, rug pads help to keep a rug in place and prevent falls.

June 13, 2019