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When you are designing your living room, it would not be complete without a stylish and suitable rug. Rugs are an underfoot warmness that makes everything feel more comfortable, especially when your floor is concrete or made of wood; thus, it can also cover up an old or ugly floor.

There are many rug designs available, and you have to choose a suitable rug for your living room because they can make or break your room. decoration professional’s advise is you to choose area rugs according your wall paint, furniture, and other room décors.

The right area rug can create appeal for a room, define different places in an open-concept outline, and add value to your decorative space. Apart from rug design, you must consider its size. If it is too large or too small, it can ruin the look of your living room. To avoid such a disaster, make sure your rug is at least 2 feet away from the walls.

Moreover, there are thousands of rugs to choose from, which are quite vast, with a huge number of variations at online websites from where you can buy wholesale area rugs. The varieties of rugs differ from other and are of different colors, patterns, and materials. Due to this, it is difficult to choose a suitable area rug for your living room. However, we have moved a step forward to make things simpler for you to buy the best rugs.

Woolen Rugs

A woolen rug is mostly hand-tufted and hand-woven, which makes it soft and comfortable. For an original, you need to look for 100% wool. Woolen rugs can hide soil and dirt since wool is a thick material. However, this means that it also minimizes maintenance frequency. Wool is logically stain-resistant, and because wool is a tough fiber, it makes the rug a practical choice for your living room areas.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Famous natural fiber rugs are available in the wholesale area rugs market because they create a neutral texture and organic look your living room. These rugs are a natural preference for adding a casual look to build a typical family and living rooms to make you feel relaxed.

Natural fiber rugs are hand-woven, too, and are made from a variety of natural grasses and plants, such as sisal and jute. These types of rugs have backed support with latex for stability and cushioning to extend the warranty of the rug. For more care, vacuum your rug regularly. For immediate marks or accidental spills on your rug, clean and absorb them with a white cloth. For cleaning a particular spot, apply a dry extraction powder that removes stubborn marks.

Moreover, if you want to recreate a brand new finish in your rug, we advise you to use professional dry extraction cleaning services that provide perfect cleaning jobs. Natural fiber rugs are quite spongy; they can reduce in size and increases as humidity changes. These features of a natural fiber rug mean that it is strictly for indoor use.

To maintain the original shape of your rug, we suggest you avoid placing them in humid rooms, like your bathroom. Also, you prevent deterioration by placing the rug under direct sunlight and occasionally turning it over to decrease abrasion. You can also use a multiple surface rug pad while placing one the refined hardwood flooring.

Hair-On-Hide Rugs

Hair-on-hand rugs are handcrafted by expert artists. They create a contemporary rugs with an organic look. Undoubtedly, hair-on-hand rugs display a sophisticated, unique color palette that can match and boost in a variety of home aesthetics.

Hair-on-hand rugs use cutting- edge technology; they construct each rug from cowhide to create an eye-catching texture. They stitch and glue individual pieces to a cotton-latex backing from all four sides. For maintenance, cleaning a rug with a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended, but you must set the vacuum on the lowest pile setting and move smoothly over it. Hair-on-hand rugs are also placed over a multi-surface rug pad like natural fiber rugs; thus, spinning the rug from time to time for even wear is a good idea.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs can provide smooth décor without introduces a glimpse of fresh air in your room. Cotton rugs presents your room with an abundance of decorative opportunities, including near your kitchen sink, entryway or on a bathroom floor. Different companies also introduce cotton rugs for wholesale area rugs with new unique patterns and colors according to every season.

Whether it’s a solid color or any geometric pattern, soft cotton rugs are hand-woven on looms for a genuine finish. As for care instructions, you should look for machine-washable labels on every rug. For large size rugs, you can contact the company if they provide a cleaning service, drop it at a dry cleaner shop, or pick an industrial-sized washer. Don’t place your rug under direct sunlight because it can fade the shine of your rug.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic fiber rugs represent the importance of man-made materials in a new generation. The synthetic rug replicates both woolen and natural fiber rugs Undoubtedly, these rugs naturally resist stains. Their synthetics are extremely tough, ideal, and colorfast for your living room. Also, they are cost-effective, so you can easily update your living room according to the season or trends .

You can also get a collection of indoor-outdoor polypropylene rugs. Synthetic rugs are types of rugs that can add sophistication to your exterior settings to and interior look.

The lower areas of synthetic rugs are made of polyester, olefin acrylic, nylon, or a mixture of these fibers. Just like other rugs, the synthetic rug also requires regular vacuuming. As for more careful cleaning, you can use shampoo or a mild detergent. However, for all the above rugs, we recommend professional cleaning service because deep cleaning will give your rugs a fresh new look and ensure its longevity.

May 29, 2020

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