How to Brighten up Your Home with Boho Rugs


Learn top ways to choose boho rugs for your home.

Bohemian rugs

The Boho fashion trend has never gone out of style and nor will it. This type of décor will get you vintage, classic, modern, and contemporary styles with ease. Bohemian rugs come with a pattern having classic Persian looks with a few lines on the same pattern, which makes it look like a mystic artwork. What’s more, Boho rugs complement the simplicity and grace you may like to have at home.

Myth about the Rug’s Viability

You may have a misconception that boho rugs are expensive on the pocket? This is not true. You can get a boho rug of your choice at a reasonable price. However, consider the price in wake of the looks and style a single boho rug can get. For other rugs, you may spend money to get 2 or 3 rugs to get the appearance of a single boho rug.
Bohemian rugs come from many materials of which wool, sisal, and jute are the most common. That makes their maintenance easy.Boho’s décor sense is unique from other rugs.

How they Blend in your Home

You can pick a boho rug with the color, texture, and pattern of your choice that blends well with the décor of your home. The rich colors, accentuating patterns, and materials make them blend well with other decors of your home. Remember, Bohemian or large shaggy rugs will not disturb your home décor, even if you were slightly away from choosing the right color or pattern for a certain area.

You will find Boho rugs are ideal for hallways, kitchen, and other areas of high traffic, with minimum cleaning efforts.

You may see that vintage furniture will look best with a boho rug. Regardless of the rug design, you may add accessories to make it look like a personal style to your rug.

How to Choose Boho Rugs

Blend Colors & Textures

The foremost thing for any boho rug is its lively colors. A bright, vibrant, or you may choose a neutral color, you will get the best out of a boho rug. For example, a purple rug to go with an item of white furniture or a pink rug with dark color furniture for boho looks will amplify your home decor.

You can get a boho-chic rug with the right texture. Let’s choose a woolen rug for your living room for placing it under a coffee table and place a white shag rug on it. This will easily transform your room from a low “hmm” to a full “vow”.

Combine Ethnic Prints

Putting rugs on top of each other or layering them on one another gets you fun, and a free-flowing boho looks all around in the home.

The best part about boho rugs is that nothing has to match, perfectly. That’s how a boho-chic style can give your living room, different and hippy looks. It’s a simple style you can throw around the house to get a 16th-century French looks to your 2021 house.

This way, you can take your weaker-looking rooms to a boho style with sparkling designs and colors.

Floaty Fabrics

To get an ultimate boho-chic look around in the house, get some thin, free-flowing blankets, tapestries, and fabrics to complete it. It’s like recalling 60s and 70s bell-bottom jeans.

Getting Right Rug

Having known what makes a boho rug and how they design a home; the next part is where to get them for.

Dining Room

For choosing a rug for the dining room, look for its material that’s easy to clean and shake away the dirt. Your dining room is a prominent place that gives a lot of décors and fashion. So choose a bright color of rug that may lessen the visibility of the stain.

The size of the rug should be in proportion to the table. Whereas, the boho rugs must cover the area under the dining table and chairs.

Living Room

The living room is a multipurpose space for guests and you can use it as a makeshift overnight game playing area with your special friends and family.

You should opt to get a boho rug with durable material. A lighter shade of the rug will make the place more graceful and fashion statement. You can keep the surrounding area covered with dark shades of decors.

You may opt for a square rug, big enough to slide it under the furniture’s legs. This will make it an ideal rug placement.

Bedroom and comfort

The bedroom will immediately make you think about making t the most comfortable area in your home. So get the coziestboho rug that will reflect your style sense. Make it cozier by having an extra layer of boho rug in the bedroom for some eclectic boho looks.

You should ensure to get the rug underneath the entire furniture in the room, to complete its cozy looks. You can pick any design, and pattern that may match your furniture or curtains.

Boho rugs and Kitchen

If your kitchen area is small, then you may pick a multicolor rug to get spacious looks in the kitchen. Boho rug will look best in a kitchen when it’s matched with kitchen chairs.

Here, in the kitchen you can even hang a boho rug on the wall, to give a new appearance to your kitchen.

Boho and your Style

For choosing a rug to put a fashion statement in the area, don’t shy away from taking risks. Get one out of the extensive collection of boho rugs that may fit well your needs and the area.

No matter what room you want to spread a boho rug in, you can make it personal style and taste. Just get the right color and style to reflect your inner design and styles. Only a boho rug will get the best looks for completing your style, desires, and needs.

To complete this fashion binge, you have a wide range of materials, colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. Get the best you may like.

Barrow Shag Trellis Ivory/Charcoal 3 ft. x 5 ft. Area Rug

Soft and fluffy yarns make it easy to go barefoot on this shag rug with an ogee trellis design. The deep charcoal and ivory colors have a graphic punch. Perfect for a bedroom, living room, or cozy reading nook, this is a shag rug with timeless style and a Bohemian appeal.

Bohemian rugs depict vintage print with different styles, and sizes. It always reflects the life and culture of the boho-chic styles of today. Rugs can brighten your home. However, a boho rug will brighten your home décor with a zing of fashion that hardly comes from others.

Bohemian rugs make a bold and subtle statement. Boho styles will match with décor in your home, all in a different way.


May 20, 2021

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