How to Buy Modern Pendant Lighting in 2021


Learn buying guidelines for modern pendant lighting in 2021.

Pendant Light

Contrary to popular belief, pendants are not going out of fashion. Pendant lighting is not only trendy, but it is also one of the best lighting fixtures you will find in the market these days.

Nonetheless, people could still have a hard time buying modern pendant lighting in 2021. In this piece, we will discuss several that can help you make the right purchase. You should also consider the types, purpose, size of the room, etc. to get the light fixture that will sit best in that room or area.

Guide to Get the Best Lighting

There are different types of lights that make a lighting fixture a suitable option for certain places, so look into this aspect to ensure you are buying the right product.

Lighting Generation

Following types of lights are most common, consider factoring in these lights while you decide to purchase them for your home, office, etc.

Incandescent light

These are the oldest types of light dating back to 100 years. While these lights may not be energy efficient, they still come in handy for those looking for a budget-friendly option. These types of lights come in all sizes, shapes, etc., and are excellent for warm light colors. People sometimes use them outdoors on fences, compound walls, and other similar areas.

Light-emitting diode (LED)

LED lights are arguably the most modern and trendy types of lights you can think of. They are the most energy-efficient light that arguably changed the future of lighting with style.

LEDs are economical and come in three basic colors. This lighting type emits light in a certain direction that helps reduce glare. Also, these types of lights emit very mild and low-intensity heat.

LEDs are one of the best options for pendant lights. What’s more, such types of lights are perfect for chandeliers due to how economic they are.


Fluorescent has a further sub-division for two types:

Compact Fluorescent: This type of light comes with a ballast and screw base. They are commonly used for bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, stairs, etc.

Fluorescent Lamps: Tubes–are good for extensive use in commercial and industrial areas. They are good as work or task lights for spaces like gardens, kitchen cabinets, foyers, etc.

Both types are common and are in abundant use because of their economic billing, continuous supply of clean light, and long-lasting for being non-heating properties. They are available in a wide variety of modern pendant lights.


There are three basic lighting types regarding their illumination or type of light the lighting fixtures will throw around.

Task Light

These lights are excellent for illuminating tables and other workstations. These light fixtures throw light in the intended area, without lighting up the surrounding areas. They are perfect for night studies, and desk work, etc.


Ambient lights emit light in all directions lighting up the surroundings and improving a room’s visual appeal.

Accent Lights

This type of lighting method is good for throwing light in a specific area you intend to highlight. You may like to have a light focus on a wall painting, wall hanging, or some memento in a corner of a wall. You can get dimmer with the fixture to get the best results for an accent light.

Purpose for lighting

You will find plenty of options for lighting the same space or room with different lighting fixtures. That said, you should survey your home or workplace to note down what type of light will suit a certain area. For instance, LED pendants or brass chandeliers are ideal for entrance areas.

You may also light your bedroom with an overhead or table lamp or other trendy lamplights. The kitchen is one place you should choose modern LED pendant lighting to ensure you can prepare your food with ease.

Modern LEDs and Chandeliers

Modern LEDs, brass, and crystal chandeliers are some of the best light variants you will come across. These lighting styles can go well with your home and workplace.

Modern LED Pendant Lights

While looking for modern LED pendant lights you may come across several options with different shapes like cylindrical, linear, drum, round, and square pendants. Linear pendant lights may look lovely in an office or bedroom that has sleek and Danish-style furniture.

Likewise, round and drum-shaped LED pendant lights will be good virtually for any place like a bedroom, living area, dining area, foyer, entrance, outdoor under balconies or garage, etc. You will find a cylindrical LED pendant light best suited for places where you have traditional décor.


Chandeliers come in almost every style, size, metal, and shape. Brass and crystal chandeliers are the best choices for getting a feeling of art, tradition, and voguish looks. They will cover every place from the outdoor entry point to your bedroom. These chandeliers are a mainstay for modern décors and styles.

The brass chandelier is an imperious-looking lighting fixture that you can hang in bedrooms, living rooms, etc., or a hotel lobby for an aesthetic look.

Brass chandeliers typically look good atop heavy Victorian style of furnishing. Modern and sleek brass designed chandeliers go well with almost every type of lighting décor. Crystal chandeliers are essentially a series of bulbs surrounded by glass-crystal, which enhances its light and makes it the center of attraction.


Dakota 41″ 4-light Linear Metal/Crystal LED Pendant Chandelier, Chrome

This sculptural pendant could also double as a chandelier over a rectangular dining table or kitchen island. Taking inspiration from the latest jewelry trend of minimal geometric designs, four linear lights are connected to the adjustable drop anchor via a perfect semicircle. Concealing the wiring, this chrome fixture is elegant in its simplicity, and gracious in its 41″ proportion.


With modern LED pendant lights, brass and crystal chandeliers, globes, simple LED lights, etc. to choose from, you have plenty of options to choose from. Nonetheless, for living spaces ambiance would be the best option for creating a comfortable light and feel. Look for this aspect for any pendant or chandelier you may go for.

Therefore, choosing the right kind of LED pendant light or a chandelier is critical. You should consider the various factors discussed in this piece to make your room or any other area for that matter, stand out.

April 26, 2021

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