How to Create a More Modern Home on a Budget


Eyely provides top tips to create your modern home are within your budget.

Home renovations can get very expensive very quickly. If possible, you should try to stick to a budget whenever you are renovating or redecorating your home. Little purchases here and there can begin to add up. If you’re replacing appliances or adding new flooring, the cost can get even higher.


It’s especially important to stick to a budget if you might be changing your space up often. If you don’t want to keep the same style throughout your home long-term, you shouldn’t invest a lot of money into the redecorating that you’re doing. Budget decorating is a good option if you don’t have extra money to spend or if you want to change things up often.


What’s great is that you can still get your home in great shape without breaking the bank. If you’re wanting a more modern home, here are some ways to do that without spending too much money:


  1. Add a fresh coat of neutral paint. Neutral-colored paint creates a nice modern feel in any room. This is also a good way to freshen up a space if it’s looking dull or if the old paint job doesn’t fit the modern style. Shades of white and gray are a great place to start. Look for sales on paint or paint one room at a time. Make sure much of your space is neutral and goes with the color you choose to use. Using neutral paint makes this easy.


  1. Include industrial pieces of décor. Industrial details, like iron, steel, and glass, add some emphasis to a modern space. You don’t have to go overboard. Simply add a couple of pieces to your space. This Braden Industrial Metal Floor Lamp is the perfect way to light a room while including those industrial details. The industrial style is the perfect accent in a modern space.

Braden 65″ Industrial Metal Floor Lamp, Black/Silver

Exposed bulbs were all the rage during the industrial revolution, showing off the luxury of electricity for those who could afford it. Now, you can incorporate some of this turn-of-the-century style with this 65″ floor lamp. A wire cage in oil rubbed bronze surrounds the light in this new take on the industrial console lamp, which will add antique style to any space.

  1. Add pops of color. The primary colors, which are red, blue, and yellow, are great for modern spaces. You can also choose other colors, such as turquoise or magenta. Try to choose bold colors, but only add them in small doses. Don’t overdo it. Add a pop of color here and there. Throw pillows or blankets, vases or bowls, and stacks of colorful books are a good way to incorporate some color.


  1. Leave some space open. One thing we love about modern decorating is that there can be some empty spaces. Modern homes look very clean and open. When you’re leaving open space in your home, you are also saving money. You don’t have to buy furniture or décor to fill every single gap. To do this, you can spread your furniture out, giving you plenty of room to walk.


Create your own modern art. Much of the modern art world includes geometric or abstract designs. These are fairly easy for you to recreate on your own. All you need is some paint plus a canvas or paper and a frame. Use colors that work with the rest of your décor. You can even add a pop of color in this artwork. Look online for inspiration. Since these are abstract and geometric designs, they don’t have to look realistic or be perfect. Just be creative!

April 19, 2019

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