How to Decorate Your Living Room


Guideline to know about how to decorating your living room.

For many people, the living room is a very central part of their home. It’s a place for you to relax. It’s where you entertain your guests. A lot of your time is probably spent in the living room when you’re at home.


This is why it’s so important to decorate your living room the right way. We’re outlining everything you need to know about decorating your living room so that you can truly enjoy the space.


  1. Figure out a theme. In order to make your living room look its best, you need to choose a theme or style. It’s important that you stick to it to ensure that everything works well together. This may be anything from modern to industrial. To get an idea of what theme or style to use, look at the furniture and décor you gravitate toward. Then, try to narrow it down to one distinct style.


  1. Add a rug as an accent. Most people focus on what’s on their walls and shelves. Throw pillows and blankets are also used as accents. These are good ways to include accents, but there are additional ways to do this. One great way to add an accent to your space is with a rug. Rugs cover a different area and add something different to a space because they aren’t where the other décor is. A rug with a pretty print is a great accent. The Florence Boho Vintage Medallion Rug is one of our top picks!

Florance Boho Vintage Medallion Rug

Boho chic in a color palette that would suit an urban retreat or beach bungalow, the modern coloration of this classic design is a statement maker in any space. Power loomed using the softest polypropylene available, its durability matches its beauty. Try it in a living space for added interest, or in a bedroom to mitigate noise and add a cozy feel.

  1. Choose a color palette. It’s essential to choose a few colors to work with in your living area. This will ensure that the space looks cohesive and that you aren’t doing too much mixing and matching. If you’re starting fresh, you have an advantage and can choose any colors you would like. You can also use pieces you already have and select a few favorites from those to continue to add to.


  1. Tailor the space to your needs. If you are going to have a lot of guests, you will want to provide adequate seating. Add couches, chairs, and even a window seat. If you have pets and children, choose furniture and décor that is sturdy and easy to clean. Fragile pieces don’t last long around children. Think about your needs and what part of your life you are at right now. Then, you can plan your space accordingly.


  1. Make sure it’s well-lit. If you’re spending a lot of time in this space, you will want to ensure that you can see what you’re doing. Regardless of whether you’re working or spending time with friends and family, the room should be well-lit. This can be done in a variety of ways from overhead lighting to lamps. Think about what’s most important to you. If you will be using the space for multiple purposes, it’s a good idea to include a couple of types of lighting. The Liana 8-Bulb Lantern Metal LED Pendant is an excellent option because it provides a welcoming aesthetic, which is perfect for guests. Plus, it provides the light your space needs.

Liana 20″ 8-Bulb Lantern Metal LED Pendant

This classic lantern pendant light features a metal caged frame of negative space with exposed bulbs that illuminate from within the center. The shape of the fixture is inspired by iconic street oil lanterns. The pendant light suspends from a chain link that is adjustable to allow the fixture to hang only 34″down, or up to 106″ from your ceiling, where it anchors with a round metal canopy.

April 29, 2019

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