Important Factors to Look for in a New Rug


Top factor for shopping new rugs for your home.

When you’re shopping for new home décor pieces, you have a lot of options. Even within single areas of home décor, it can get confusing. How do you know what’s right for your home? To help you out, here are some of the most important factors to look for in new rugs.

  1. Durable. It’s essential to look for rugs that are durable. Durability in a rug means that it will last for years and withstand use and wear. Durable rugs are great because you won’t have to replace them often. This will save you money, time, and energy. They can handle everyday use with ease. This is especially useful if you’re placing a rug somewhere that it will get a lot of wear, traffic, and minor spills.

  1. Fade-Resistant. Unfortunately, the sun can begin to fade the coloring of your rug. Over time, the colors and patterns won’t be as vibrant and visible. For this reason, you should look for fade-resistant options. These rugs are made to withstand the sun and the colors will last. They will last for years, even if they are near a window.

  1. Indoor. When you’re shopping for a rug, it’s important to make sure you are purchasing one that is meant to be used indoors. In general, indoor rugs are softer and more comfortable than outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are often made of sturdier materials to survive the elements, but they are not soft like indoor rugs. If you want an indoor rug, wholesale area rugs, make sure you look for rugs made to be used indoors. These are soft and comfortable for you to walk, sit, or lay on.

  1. Kid and Pet-Friendly. If you have children, pets, or both, you know that your furniture and decor get a lot more wear and tear than they would without kids and pets. Kids spill things and pets sometimes have accidents. For this reason, it’s best to shop for a rug that is going to hold up well.

  1. Non-Shedding. Some rugs tend to shed. This varies with the material used and how it’s made. To avoid shedding, look for rugs that are non-shedding. These are made using different materials that don’t shed. As a result, your rug will continue to look fresh and new. This also helps so you don’t have to vacuum too often to clean up the newly shed pieces.

  1. High Traffic. Rugs are often placed in locations that get a lot of traffic. The problem with this is that high traffic can increase the wear on your rug. Your rug will look old much sooner than it would without this added traffic.

To find rugs that meet these requirements, shop on You will be able to easily find plenty of rugs to meet your needs. The factors mentioned above are important to look for in rugs because they show how well-made, durable, and usable the rugs are.

As you shop on, be sure to look for the symbols for each of these points. You can find them on each rug listing. This will help you to find the right rug for your specific needs.

May 17, 2019

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