Let it Shine—Crystal Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Do you love the look of crystals? Do you want to add some elegance to your home? We have just the thing you need. At Eyely, there are lots of beautiful crystal light fixtures. These can be used in any space with the right styling techniques.


There are plenty of great crystal pieces to add to your home. These range from chandeliers and pendants to floor and table lamps. You can fit them in wherever you’re wanting to add a nice crystal accent.


To help you get started, here are some of the best crystal lighting options.


Delos Metal/Acrylic LED Semi-Flush Mount



This semi-flush mount is the perfect piece to be the center of attention in your home. It includes a combination of crystal and bronze, which makes for a beautiful display. It would look great in a hallway or above a table. Experiment to see where it works best in your home. It’s an exquisite accent piece!


Olmec Metal/Crystal LED Floor Lamp



While this floor lamp does feature crystal, it’s a bit more subtle than some of the other crystal light fixtures you may find. This makes it easier to add to a space. It has stunning bronze hardware, which looks great when paired with the crystal accents. It’s an interesting take on a standard crystal chandelier.


Scolopax Metal/Crystal LED Table Lamp



The Scolopax Table Lamp is a similar style to the Olmec. Of course, it’s designed for your table instead of your floor. The two lamps look great in the same space because of their similarities. If you purchase a table and a floor lamp of the same style, try to place them on opposite sides of the room to make everything flow better.


Svanetian Metal/Crystal LED Adjustable Drop Chandelier



This is a very classic crystal chandelier. It looks great as the focal point of a space. It’s made to stand out. Try to keep it as the main focus in your home and don’t add too many other bold pieces. You can hang this above a table or branch out and put it somewhere unexpected. This looks amazing paired with cool-toned pieces or any silver metals.


Don’t be afraid to add a shiny crystal light fixture to your home! It’s a great way to bring more elegance and beauty into your space. If you want to start small, begin with a table lamp. This will be a less dramatic change. From there, you can choose another one or two crystal pieces to tie everything together.


Though crystal is pretty versatile, you should consider the metal or the other parts of the light fixture. Make sure that the metal of the light fixture goes with the rest of the décor in your home. You don’t want to mix and match metals very often.


Now, it’s time to pick out some great crystal pieces! Get started at Eyely and find the perfect crystal light fixtures for your house.

March 29, 2019