Make It Cohesive—Which Lamp to Get For Each Style

If you’re revamping your living space, it’s essential to pinpoint one specific style. You can mix and match in some ways, but you should try to keep a cohesive style overall. This makes it easier to add new pieces over time because you will have a defined style throughout your home.


Today, we’re going to look at a few main styles. Then, we will provide you with some lamp ideas that match each of those styles well.


Here are the home décor categories we will be focusing on today:


  • Contemporary
  • Coastal
  • Rustic
  • Industrial
  • Traditional


If possible, identify which of these matches your home’s style most closely. Now, we will look at the lamps that look amazing with each style so that you can keep your home looking cohesive.




The Mississippi LED Floor Lamp is extra contemporary and is more than just a lamp. It’s almost like a piece of contemporary artwork in your living room. It would make a perfect addition to any modern living space. Plus, it looks great on or off.


It’s available in three colors so choose the one that works best for you. The black is very contemporary, but you can match gold the gold or silver to the other hardware throughout your home. The LED lights help so you don’t have to change your light bulbs often.




If you’re living in a beachy or coastal home, you want to make sure that the décor you choose reflects that. You don’t have to choose a boring floor lamp. This floor lamp is made up of seashell fragments to keep your coastal theme consistent. This mosaic style keeps things very unique and helps you to steer clear of the less interesting lamp options out there.


The white drum shade balances this lamp out so it’s not too flashy. It keeps things soft and helps to provide just the right amount of light in your space.





The Nicolas Resin LED Floor Lamp is rustic without being too rustic. It still goes nicely in a somewhat modern space, but it looks best with other rustic décor. The resin is nice and sturdy so you can trust that it will last. The wood-like effect blends perfectly with the other rustic designs in your home.




Finding the right industrial accents can be tricky. That’s why we love the Braden Industrial Metal Floor Lamp. It has a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish. Its exposed bulbs are a major contributor to its industrial design. This is one piece that looks antique but is still in great shape and will freshen up your space.




Traditional decorating is very common, making it easy to find the right pieces. Unfortunately, these pieces are too similar to one another. The Layla Crystal/Metal LED Floor Lamp is the perfect solution. It features crystal chandelier accents, which add a little bit more allure to your space.


As you shop for the perfect lamp for your needs, make sure it matches the rest of your décor. You want to keep it cohesive and put-together. A lamp of the right style can do a lot for a room so don’t overlook it. has plenty of other lighting options for contemporary, coastal, rustic, industrial, and traditional styles!

March 19, 2019