Most Popular Ceiling Fans to Buy in 2020


Learn the top best ceiling fans available on the market.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are essential to any household. They serve two primary purposes: They help keep the room cool and promote ventilation throughout a room. Nevertheless, fans also make your room look much cozier and more comfortable. On the other hand, if you compare ceiling fans with air conditioning systems, they are also more cost-effective. Ceiling fans consume very little electricity, which also makes them a better choice for environmental reasons.

In this article, I will tell you about the best ceiling fans available on the market right now, along with what makes them the best.

Finch LED Ceiling Fan Black 52” Caged three Lights Wood Metal: Black

A beautiful contemporary-style ceiling fan will work with any bohemian style decorated room. The fan is in a beautiful black or wooden colors. It has five blades to provide you with a decent air throw.

The best part is the fan has eco-friendly bulbs of only 9 watts. They give you good performance with minimal electricity. However, its light bulbs holders are compatible with 40 watts type “A” and 13 watts CFL bulbs as well.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you hire a professional to do the installation. For a reason, it has special wiring that you might mess up.

You can get finch 52” from the eyely store. You can find more contemporary-style ceiling fans from the store.

CFL-8170BL from Warehouse of Tiffany

This is another 52″ diameter fan with a beautiful exterior. The fan has five wooden blades along with a chandelier looking crystal fixture. CFL-8170BL is a luxurious fan that will make your room look more aesthetic. In my opinion, it looks best in master bedrooms and living rooms.

The fan comes with a pull chain, which turns the fan on and off, along with changing its speed. However, the air pressure is a 7/10. It rotates at a rate of 180 RPM, which means it moves 48000 cubic feet per minute. The fan has a long downrod, which is 20 inches in total. Therefore, you need to have a tall ceiling to get this fan.

The CFL-8170BL fan has a place to put sic light bulbs, makes the fan multi-functional. It is also quite hefty at 21 pounds. However, since it is a multi-functional fan, you cannot install it yourself.

Builder plus 52″ 53237 by Hunter

This fan looks like a conventional ceiling fan with three bell-shaped fixture lights where you can add 6.5 Watt LED bulbs. The fan comes with five blades that make a 52″ diameter when you turn it on. The great thing about the light fixtures on the fans is that you can dim them down.

You can get the fan in multiple colors like mahogany and cherry red, with the body in the classic nickel color.

The best thing about the fan is that it does not make any noise while providing excellent performance. It rotates at the speed of 5000 CFM. The fan comes with a reversible setting so you can adjust it according to the weather. The downrod of the fan is only 17 inches, along with a standard weight of 18.5 pounds. Therefore, you can easily install it in any type of room.

Sentinel 59157 52″ by Hunter

Sentinel is a 52-inch fan that comes with three blades and many beautiful colors. The best thing about the fan is its material. The manufacturers make the fan’s body from sturdy materials, which ensures that the fan will last long.

The fan comes in two beautiful colors, Gray Oak finish, and Gray Walnut. The fan’s blades are at a 13-degree angle, which ensures powerful air throw. Its motor has a power of 130 RPM along with 5122 CFM, and its downrod is only 12 inches. The motor power and height makes it the perfect fan for a lower ceiling, large room. However, it is a substantially heavy fan of 21 pounds.

The Builder Deluxe 52″ 53091 by Hunter

The builder deluxe is another traditional 52” fan that has an elegant design. It also comes in various beautiful colors that complement any kind of decor. The fan has a beautiful half dome glass bowl for the light fixture that provides soft lighting.

You can install a bulb of up to 60-Wattsinside the fixture. The fixture supports both screw and pin bulbs. It also supports both CFL and led lamps, allowing for more choices.

Its blades have a 12-degree pitch, which again helps in providing excellent wind pressure. The fan rotates at the speed of 5102 cubic feet per minute. On the other hand, it has a standard downrod of 17.9 inches, which means it is perfect for a mediocre size living room with standard heightened walls.

Glencrest 52″ 50615 from Honeywell

If you are looking for a fan for your porch, patio, or outdoor use, then the Glencrest is perfect for you. However, you cannot expose it to open weather, as it is not waterproof. The great thing about the fan is that you can install it at various angles. However, its downrod is 20 inches, which is longer than a conventional fan.

The fan comes with a beautiful light fixture, in which you can install three standard LED bulbs like the B10 and e26. Most users say that its speed levels are perfect for the outdoors. However, the company does not share the exact speed of the fan.

Final Feedback

Ceiling fans are essential. But while buying one, you might have no idea what to look in a ceiling fan. Therefore, you must seek information about ceiling fans. You need to know what speeds you need, what kind of fan will work correctly in your house, and which ones will fulfill your needs. For this reason, some people need their fans to look aesthetically pleasing, some want good speed, or some might want both.

August 6, 2020

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