Real Estate Agents Share How to Pull a Room Together

When you’re decorating your home and figuring out what should go where you may have a lot of questions. This is totally normal. For some people, this is entirely new territory. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for advice and get some expertise on the topic of home decorating.


One goal in decorating your home should be to pull a room together. Everything should flow well and come together in one way or another. This simply means that all of the pieces fit well together. The room shouldn’t be all over the place with different designs and styles. It should be cohesive.


If you’re struggling to figure out how to do this in your home, it’s time to call in the experts. Who would be better to ask about home decorating than a real estate agent? Real estate agents know how to sell homes, which means they know how to make homes look great so that potential buyers will put in an offer.


Because of this, real estate agents can be trusted to give you guidance about decorating your home. They have seen hundreds of homes and hundreds of different rooms. They know what looks most appealing and what doesn’t. Specifically, real estate agents know how to pull a room together so it looks more inviting.


Real estate agent Rose Sklar ( recently gave some insight into how to pull a room together. She shared, “A colorful statement rug that compliments the colors of the room and pulls all the tones together will make your home memorable and create harmony. Coordinating throw pillows and art to balance the rug will only enhance the space.” (


Though simple, neutral rugs can be nice, accent rugs are a better way to go. They make a statement. They draw eyes to the space. The bold colors can add interest.


When you’re shopping for a statement rug, look for something that really pops. You want a rug that is going to stand out in your living room, bedroom, or another area in your home.


Find a few prominent colors in the room to look for in a rug. For example, you can look at the decorations you have on your shelves. Look at the colors that are in your throw pillows and blankets on your sofa. What color are your curtains? Start to gather this information and make a list of the colors that you see a lot of in your room.

Fogo Vintage Medallion Rug

Vibrant color and intricate pattern make our Zafra rug a lively addition to your home. The center features an ivory medallion decorated with stylized vines and flowers in orange and mustard yellow. A faded celadon-green background gives this rug a vintage look.

The Fogo Vintage Medallion Rug is the perfect rug to add if you’re wanting to pair a pattern with lots of color. With the color combination of this rug, you will be able to match it with the pieces you already have in your home. Both warm colors and cool colors are available.

Trieste Persian Boho Floral Rug

In a small-scale pattern replete with all the classic Persian motifs — flowers, vines, medallions, and a chic border — this rug is perfect for any room. Whether forming the foundation for a layered bohemian look or as the accent in a traditional room, the super soft polypropylene looks and feels great underfoot. And with a stunning combination of colors — navy, red, pink, yellow, aqua, ivory, and more — it will bring levity to any style of decor.

The Trieste Persian Boho Floral Rug offers a beautiful combination of flowers, vines, medallions, and a chic border. The colors include navy, red, pink, yellow, aqua, ivory, and more, which makes it easy to add to any home.


September 4, 2019