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Learn top soft area rugs for your your house interior.

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Sometimes, a soft area rug is all you need to boost your house’s interior décor and pull the entire space together with style. Rugs add texture, color, and warmth to any space.

And not to forget, walking on the soft plush rugs gives a soothing feeling to the feet. So, do you want a rug that looks chic while also adding aesthetics to the house interior? Here are some of the best soft area rug ideas that can help you revive the décor of your home.

5 Soft Area Rug Ideas

If we talk about the cozy and plushy soft area rugs, there is a wide variety in terms of color, design, texture, quality, and much more. However, we have compiled the best soft area rug types that people love to buy to enhance their house decor.

1. Soft Silk Rug

Silk rugs are the best area rugs that have a luxurious feel. They are extremely valuable and offer unmatchable looks to add to the beauty of a room and also help you relax.

Often, silk rugs combine with wool fabrics to enhance durability. People have been using silk rugs for house decoration and floor covering for years. They add an elegant and attractive visual appeal.

While the hand-woven silk rugs are the most luxurious forms of soft area rugs, synthetic and machine-manufactured are also highly sought after. What you should know is that silk rugs do not only complement a bedroom but also create a beautiful ambiance in other parts of the house, including drawing and living rooms.

Bear in mind that silk rugs are highly susceptible to damage despite their high-quality material. They are prone to wear and tear along with tassels and fringe damage in high traffic areas. Moreover, silk rugs can lose color due to excessive UV light (sunlight) exposure. You will find most of the oriental and soft area silk rugs hung on walls instead of covering the floor (as owners are conscious of their value).

2. Soft Wool Rug

Wool is the most common type of rug material in the carpet industry. Nearly every house decoration enthusiast is aware of the splendor of a traditional soft wool area rug. Did you know that the most expensive wool rug (antique Persian rug belonging to the Kerman origin of the Clark Collection) cost over USD 30 million?

They are easy to maintain as the cleaning methods are fairly simple to apply. However, extensive care is necessary to avoid the after-effects of harsh cleaning. In addition, most of the soft wool rugs are fire-resistant, which makes them a robust soft rug choice.

Moreover, Persian wool rugs are among the most expensive rugs in the world due to the hand-weaving techniques that take place in their manufacturing. Do you want to impress your family and guests? Wool rugs are the way to go if you don’t find silk rugs according to your requirements.

They are luxurious, often stain-resistant, fire-resistant, durable, and offer immense longevity as area rugs. Their soft feel is unlike any other rug material, especially the synthetics. Some of the old wool rugs can last up to five decades with proper care.

3. Soft Cotton Rug

The list of the most sought-after soft and plush area rugs will be incomplete without the most common type of rug material that is in demand – soft cotton rug. It is a widely known material that offers extreme coziness and a soft feel with every step you place on it.

Besides rugs, manufacturers use cotton for an array of different products such as carpets, clothing, etc. Unlike wool rugs, cotton area rugs are less prone to shed and shag. Moreover, the variety of oriental cotton rugs is endless, comprising different shapes, sizes, qualities, colors, and textures.

Luxurious bedrooms and attractive living rooms often feature soft cotton rugs that benefit greatly from their style and texture. The availability of a multitude of designs and styles can make it difficult to choose the best, so learn about the characteristics of the cotton area rug before opting for one.

The manufacturing process (machine, hand-woven, hand-knitted, etc.) and origin can help you detect the relative importance, uniqueness, and antiquity of a soft cotton area rug. Besides, you would love the cozy and warm sensation of a cotton rug.

4. Soft Polyester Rug

Do you want premium quality soft area rugs but at affordable and even inexpensive prices? Or maybe you are looking for the world-famous synthetic material soft rug made from polyester?

Do you want to add custom colors and suggest slightly schematic and design schemes? It is easy to dye Polyester, but it requires careful handling. Not to forget, polyester area rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas, but they may suffer from damage under intense friction or weight-pulls (i.e., furniture holds).

They are soft, stain-resistant, and water-resistant, which helps to prevent fungus and mold growth due to excessive moisture buildup. However, if left unattended, it may not last long in high foot traffic areas of a house.

One thing to note is that oil spills are a nightmare when it comes to polyester area rugs and may require professional cleaning services. They look best in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

5. Vintage Bohemian Rug

Vintage bohemian rugs are the perfect way to show your love for antiquities. Bohemian rugs seize the viewers’ eyes with the intricate, labyrinth, and mesmerizing patterns and designs. They feature vibrant colors and accents with beautiful textures and patterns.

Lively patterns and vivid color palettes of soft bohemian rugs signify their beauty in spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, etc. Furthermore, they come in various styles, including earthy tones and irregular geometric designs (that attract and puzzle the eyes).

They are easy to maintain, suitable for mild to high traffic areas, non-shedding, stain-resistant, and above all, worth the cost you pay for them.

Croker Geometric Vintage Medallion Gray/Mustard/Turquoise 3 ft. x 5 ft. Area Rug

Vintage style meets a modern color scheme in our Izmit rug. A central medallion contains stylized floral and geometric elements in vibrant mustard yellow. The charcoal gray pattern is accented all over with turquoise and mustard, and varying shades of gray add to the vintage look.

So, have you made your mind regarding what kind of soft area rugs you want for your house or someone else? Maybe you can choose one from the rug types we have mentioned above to revive your home décor. Embrace the warmth and softness of luxurious soft area rugs and add an aesthetic appeal to any space.

June 29, 2021

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