Ten Popular Styles of Lamps and How to Use Them


Know top popular styles of lamps and how to use it.

Crystal LED Table Lamp

Choosing the right light for any space in your home, whether inside or outside, is a test of your taste. Of course, you will always try to make it good-looking and unique. But where do you start? How about lighting?

Let us help you with the top ten popular styles for lamps and how you can use them.

1. Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal lamp is a timeless and classic lamp.

Crystal goes with every color scheme and design. It will look equally good whether you put it in a contemporary or a classic-looking house. It adds a zing of sparkle and grace even in the darkest corners of your home.

A crystal table lamp mostly comes with a silver stand and various fittings. You can add a rectangular or circular shade in linen or woven cotton, or other materials. These lamps come with optional or mandatory light adjusters, so you can use them for reading as well.

You can use these lamps in bedroom side-tables, corner tables, living area tables, or place them between sofas or any place you like. In short, you can never go wrong with a crystal table lamp set.

Lapu 26.5″ Glass/Crystal LED Table Lamp

With a classic globe silhouette and a metal and crystal base, this piece draws attention but remains timeless. Designers love the finishing touches – a crystal finial, a silk-wrapped cord, and a hardback linen shade. The brass accent adds the perfect amount of glam without overwhelming the piece.

2. Led Standing Lamp

LED standing lamps are a directional source of light. They will emit light in a specific direction, or you can get LED standing lamps that will throw light evenly in the surroundings.

LED lamps are a great friend for book readers. You have to love them for being energy-efficient too. You can use LED lamps as task lights, spot or working light, or for decoration purposes.

For their energy-efficiency, LED lamps are a favorite in offices, homes, industrial areas, etc.

3. Buffet Lamp

It’s a slim, 32 inches high lamp, which people often use as a taller table lamp. It’s designed to direct light downward on the table to illuminate specific areas.

Its slim shape will allow you to use it even in narrow spaces. On the other hand, it’s tall enough to throw light on the table uninterrupted.

Buffet lamps are suitable for use on the dining table, home office setup, and your usual office desk. They occupy very little space, so you can quickly put them anywhere in your home.

4. Arc Lamps

This type of lamp has an arc-shaped long arm that extends out from its body. These lamps will look natural where light can stay atop a table or a sofa. You can adjust its arc-shaped arm to your convenience, allowing you to use it as a task light.

These lamps come in modern and vintage designs. Due to their lightweight, you can easily carry them anywhere in the house when the need arises.

5. Tripod Lamps

Tripod, as the names suggest, has a three-legged or three-pronged lamp base. They come with wood, metal, or sometimes, in a wrought iron base. They ooze an artistic look while providing adequate light around them.

These types of lamps are a significant addition to your living rooms or bedrooms to provide you with some extra lighting. The base of this lamp makes it sturdy and stable. Tripod lamps can light up an entire room. Tripod lamp’s large base makes it a challenge to put them in narrow and small places. They look best when you put them in a spacious room.

6. Swing Arm Lamps

Swing Arm Lamps come with an adjustable, functional arm that you can adjust at a height, angle, and distance of your liking.

Swing arm lamps come in different sizes and shapes and sit pretty on a desk, floor, or table.

Their specialty is that you can adjust their height, angle, and distance from the area you want to light up. It will emit a spotty or task-lamp-like light in a specific area, desk, or floor space.

7. Torchiere Floor Lamps

These floor lamps come with a tall body base and shade that throws light upward to throw ambient or accented luminescence in the surrounding area. It remains a classic and famous lamp for homes.

Its best use maybe when you place it at some distance from a chandelier. A torchiere floor lamp will throw light in the upward direction to make the chandelier look shiny, bright, and illuminated even if the chandelier’s lights switch off.

You can add a dimmer to adjust the brightness of its bulb. You can find a variety of shades for these lamps to match the color-scheming in your room.

8. Piano Lamps

You can guess from the name. You’d use a piano lamp to illuminate a piano’s sheet music and its organ keys or electric board. All this and the musician at work won’t get a glare of light.

Piano lamps are available in various sizes, designs, shapes to fit your needs. They are usually sleek, slim, with a horizontal bar for the bulb.
These lamps have variants. You can get a piano lamp with a swing arm, too, allowing musicians to adjust the level and direction of light.

If you have a piano prodigy at home, a piano lamp could be the perfect gift for them.

9. Gooseneck Lamps

You can find a gooseneck lamp in two designs—one with a flexible neck that you can adjust to various positions, heights, and angles. The second design comes with a fixed metal neck with a curve. Gooseneck lamps are useful for lighting up a small spot or an entire alley. These lamps are great for people who like to read books in their beds.

10. Tree Lamps

Tree lamps feature a central stand with multiple lights branching off its stand. They can look like a Christmas Tree at times.

The branches of this lamp are adjustable to throw light in any direction. These lamps may come with an option to light only one unit, or two, or more. The dimmer will add varying intensity of the light to its branch bulbs. These are the most common lamps offering many designs, colors, shapes, and ideas to sit in almost any home.

These features make a tree lamp a more convenient lamp to use in any room of your house.


Choosing a light lamp may not be complicated; their placement is more important to make them look a worthy pick. It will help you greatly to know the different lamp types before you go out to buy one. Keep in mind; they serve various purposes. A lamp designed to beautify your room might not be an excellent pick for reading and vice versa. Have a look at the lights stated above and find the one that’s right for you

February 19, 2021

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