The Perfect Blue Lighting Options for Your Home’s Color Scheme

The lighting fixtures that you choose should match both the style and the color scheme of your home. While most people stick to neutral colored lighting, there are plenty of colored options out there. Depending on your color scheme, you can add in pops of a certain color here and there. Just make sure you try everything out together before committing.


Here are some pairings of blue light fixtures and coordinating color schemes to add to your home!


If your home is mostly black and white, consider adding cobalt!


Cobalt is a beautiful blue color that can really add some interest to your home. One idea in a mostly white home with some black accents is to add a pop or two of cobalt. Adding too much black or cobalt can cause a room to look very dark. This lamp is a good place to start and can keep you from going overboard!


If your home has some saffron, add a bit of navy!


Since saffron is a very warm color, the navy helps to balance it out. The colors work perfectly together. They create a bold and energizing room. Navy curtains are a great choice, but you can also use a lamp like this one!


If your home is mostly white or light pink, consider adding sky blue!


The color combination of white and sky blue or light pink and sky blue is very light and feminine. It’s perfect for a space with lots of windows and natural light. If you’re adding metals to this color scheme, it’s smart to stick to golds. Here’s a beautiful lamp that features sky blue and white with a classic chinoiserie style.


If your home has some greens or reds, try using ocean blue!


Ocean blue is great when paired with green because they are both earthy and natural colors. They are often found together in nature, so why shouldn’t they be together in your home? Ocean blue is also nice with red because this combination features both warm and cool colors.


You can even combine red, green, and ocean blue together. Choose a natural-looking green and a coral red for best results. To add ocean blue to this collection of colors, give this lamp a try. It will look perfect on a side or entry table!


Though these light fixtures are enough on their own, you can add another piece or two to create a more harmonious look throughout your home. For example, a throw pillow, a painting, or a rug can be a nice way to add the same pop of color in a couple of spots.


As you can see, blue is a very easy color to work with. It goes well with many other colors and neutrals as well. This gives you a lot of options and gives your home a nice pop of color. Step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and see how you can change up your living space! If blue isn’t for you, offers a selection of other colored light fixtures.

March 19, 2019