Tips for buying the Best Globe Lights to Add New Light and Life to Your Beautiful Home


The home lights offer endless options. You agree that each room in your home serves a different purpose and it should have a lighting fixture which can describe it best.

Light is an integral and inevitable part of any household to keep it fresh and vibrant. You can opt for globe lights to bring new life and new lights to your beautiful home.

However, there are certain lights that serve a definite purpose. Hence, choose the right globe light for all rooms, and you will have a new home full of life.

Elementary Nature of Lights

To deal with different globe lights, you can divide lighting into three elementary types –accent, ambient, and task lights.

Accent lights will illuminate a specific area, place, or spot, like wall hanging decors, a painting, portraits, etc. Such lights offer a variety like sconces, recess areas, flood-lights, lamps, or walking tracks, and more.

These lights create a shadow around an object to single it from the surrounding area. Wall-mounted and landscape lights are other examples of accent lights.

Ambient lights ooze total lighting for a room. It brightens up the entire room. You will find a chandelier, pendant or track lighting, wall sconces, etc., giving light that fills the room.

Task lights serve up a work or reading area. These lights are much brighter than their surrounding lights. Desk or table lamps, under-cabinet kitchen lightings are a few examples of task lights.

You can use a pendant or track light similar to a task light. Globe lighting can have any of these lighting types. It all depends on where you intend to place or fix these globes.

Consider this before Purchasing

Before you buy or choose a globe light for your home décor, you must consider the following points.

  1. Choose the right base type and size
  2. Technology is the key factor for a globe to be energy-efficient, saving money. There are

various technologies:

  • LED (Light-Emitting Diode) – Consider this if you are looking for quality, long life, and energy-efficient globe lights. They come with and without dimmers.
  • Fluorescent Lighting (the compact one) – You can pick this for being cost-effective, long life.
  • Halogen lights are less energy-efficient, have a brief life span, but come with dimmers.
  • Decorative Filament – You can opt for this one if you are looking for warm, vintage candle looks and decoration filaments. These are good for globes, pendants, or lamps.
  1. The intended area where you will fix the globe lights.

Elowen 7.75″ Metal/Glass Globe LED Pendant

Industrial design modernized for today?s homes, this single light globe pendant brings a feel of minimalism to kitchens, dining rooms, and any other space that could use a little extra light. Its canopy, down rods, and shade holder are crafted from metal, while the spherical glass shade suspends, almost weightlessly, above kitchen islands, breakfast bars, and beyond. It looks fabulous as an accent piece or hung in multiples.


Types of Globe Lights

Globe lights blend with any décor, culture, and art –a mid-20th century development!

Globe Pendants

Globe pendants have become trendy with all genres alike.

It’s a lighting fixture that suspends from the ceiling carrying a single light between the ceiling and its fixing place.

They come in crystal and glass, etc., and their distinct property is they don’t hinder the light emission. Thus, you get a clear view underneath and around the room. It’s ideal for using a decorative bulb that features a dancing flame.

Globe pendants come in various designs and shapes; the most famous are multi-light, drum shade, and lantern pendant globes. All these are suitable for different places in your décor scheme.

Floor Globe Lamp

Floor globe lights come in a variety of shapes, designs, all featuring different places to sit in.

They come in different shapes like:

  • Swing Arm Lamp – The swing arm style comprises a column base, globe shade.
  • Tripod Floor Globe Lamps – They will look best if you place them in the corners or in front of a full clear wall.
  • Six-way Globe Lamp – This will look marvelous in brass with leather accents.
  • Tower Floor Lamp – It’s ideal for verandah, kitchen, TV lounge, etc. Its presence gives it a medium height light point. A globe is all that it needs to make it look classic.
  • Arc Floor Lamp – An arc floor globe lamp gets a perfect 10 if it is in a reading corner. It looks imperious if it’s standing next to a living room sofa or in a home office.
  • Torchiere Globe Floor Lamp – It’s popular and much attractive in its upright position. It’s one of the remains of the French Revolution, yet, standing tall with glory.

Table or Desk Globe Lamps

Table and Desk Globe Lamps are a simple version of old-time wax candles. A dimmer will add multi-tasking looks to its features. These lamps are appropriate for any type of globe lights.

For these lamps, the globe is a hand-blown glass to enhance its beauty. They are more likely to give a soft glow of diffuse lighting.

Modern table or desk lamps will give you just the right amount of light for working and reading. Mostly, these are metallic, an excellent combination of hand-blown glass globe and metal.

The addition of an energy-efficient bulb will make it an economical light area.

Ceiling Globe Lights

Ceiling globe lights are one of the oldest ways for hanging lighting fixtures.

You can put these ceiling globe goblets anywhere, from your home to your office to industrial premises. They will make their presence meaningful.

Ceiling globe lights come with an option for flush mounting fitting. You will find them valuable even in a sloped ceiling where beams and dark background makes it difficult for smooth fixing of lighting fixtures.

These lights illuminate a large area. They are key to enhancing the looks of even a low constructed ceiling.

Wall Globe Lighting

A sconce or simple wall globe light is a type of light that sits on a wall. The emitting light is mostly an upward or outward illumination. The addition of a right globe on such fittings can emit light all around. Globe lights speak of their invaluable and lasting existence in your home décor.

Wall globe lightings are optimal to serve as a task light and giving sparkling light. They will emit radiant light if they are on the top of a window bay.

Right Globe Lights for your Home

Here is a room wise distribution of globe lights for your home to make the process easier for you.

Living room: An ambient light in full space, using an accent light in the corners of your room will keep your rooms interested.

Kitchen: An ambient overhead light, or a globe pendant light on one side, or a task light idea will keep your kitchen area well in fashion.

Bedroom: A task light is a must for your bedroom, as it will complement your reading or writing habits.

Try an ambient overhead light with some purposeful angles to diminish its impact. Yet, its glowing presence will give your bedroom an ultra-modern look.

Bathroom: A task light will solve your bathroom’s tricky lighting situation. An overhead light will create shadows, or you can try lighting your mirror on either side. Besides, use ambient overhead light to illuminate your bathroom.

Tips for Adding New Lights and New Life to your Beautiful Home

Let us share some tips and tricks to add new lights and new life to your beautiful home.

  • Get neon lights for your bedroom
  • Buy a moon lamp
  • Illuminate your kitchen with pendant lights
  • Illuminate your wood shelves
  • Install a ceiling fan with radiant lights
  • Get a sparkling chandelier
  • Go for glass pendant lighting
  • Curate a photo wall with family pics and put task light overhead
  • Get an arc lamp
  • Create a lighted and spacious hallway
  • Install dimmers

Jung 21″ Iron/Glass Art Deco Mid-Century Globe LED Table Lamp, Brass-Gold

Jazz Age glamor meets modern design in this Art Deco-inspired table lamp. The elegant brass-gold finish and frosted glass shade create soft lighting for a living room or bedroom. The single LED bulb gives plenty of light, or add a wall dimmer. Use two on a console or chest for sophisticated style.


Ending Remarks

Lighting has become inevitable, and a fashion niche for every household. Don’t ignore their significance. Lighting your home has become more than an art. Lights, chandeliers, Globe lights, all are brightening up your home in one or another way. Their right selection and figuring their appropriate placement will give new lights and new life to your beautiful home.

January 28, 2021

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