Necessary Tips for Decorating Your Home with Area Rugs


Are you thinking decorating your home? Know best tips to choose the area rugs for home decor.

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Imagine you bought a beautiful house and decorated its living room with a perfect sofa set and an elegant center table. But there is still one decorative item that is required to complete your living room, an exquisite area rug. Besides, when you want some natural materials to decorate, for example, plants, and things like salt lamps, there are various area rugs available.

You can bring excitement to a dull room by adding an area rugs. It is one of the biggest reasons why interior designers appreciate rooms decorated with a rug. You can try it yourself, and you will see how a rug completes a room. It brings warmness to a room and makes it compelling, just like other living rooms are adorned with decorative items.

Top 7 Tips for a Compelling Area Rug:

There are many things you need to keep in mind while you are decorating your room. Even if you’re considering a rug, it also requires some of these tips that you might need to know. With the help of these given tips, you can end up with an eye-catching living room and home. Here are the top 7 tips;

1. Define Areas With Rugs

You can define an area with the help of rugs. If you step into a rug market, you will find a massive variety of them. While exploring the range available, you will also get to know that a rug that is meant for the seating area can neither be placed in your dining room nor in any other room.

Designers are more focused on designing spaces with items that match a particular area. For example, in your living area, your rug defines a discussion spot. So it should be large enough so that the front leg of your sofa rests on it.

2. Design A Coastal Vibe:

It is quite easy to decorate your living room inspired by a theme like a beach, forest, etc. Such a theme would please anyone who loves nature, and you can design your living room just like a green forest. You can create a coastal vibe by choosing a greenish rug with sunny yellow and light neutral colors of sea green. You can create a wonderful pattern for your living room with some small alterations.

3. Coordinate Two Rooms With A Rug:

Some studio apartments or large living rooms are attached to their dining rooms. This creates a comfortable space in your house. However, you might face a challenge combining both the rooms with rugs while giving them their own identity.

Moreover, using colors is the easiest way to combine both rooms. You can either choose a contrast color or a rug with a common color. You can also have a unique pattern with the same color as your living room walls.

4. Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely:

In the rug market, rug colors are more important than patterns and designs. If you want people to notice your rug, bright colors are the best.

On the other hand, you can have contrasting bright colored rugs that go well with your wall paint. Although adding vibrant colors can be tricky, it might help you a bit. Nevertheless, it is your chance to indulge in choosing your colors wisely by keeping every aspect in mind.

5. Do Not Use More Than One Rug:

Without a doubt, it would be a terrible idea to have more than one rug in your room. Your living room might end up looking unpleasant. Thus, it would be better to have one rug instead of two.

6. Try Unique Shapes:

There is a vast variety of rugs available in various shapes, such as circle, oval, square, rectangular, etc. We would advise you to explore these shapes so that you can figure out the best match for your area. On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that almost all rug styles are neutral.

7. Avoid Rug Pads:

Rug pads are mostly slippery, and they cause you to slide. However, they serve as a comfortable layer under your feet. Avoid them if you have a hardwood flooring because it can cause damage to your wooden floor due to its stickiness.


You must make your selection based on your preferences and budget. When it comes to decorating your home, giving your home a look that stands out will not only make satisfy you but will also please anyone who visits you.

People tend to ignore rugs as they think they’re not necessary. However, while this may be debatable, each of us has an opinion and taste to express. For some of us, having a rug simply creates an elegant look and adds texture to your open floor.

As discussed above, we know that area rugs come in different shapes and sizes. So, depending on the area you wish to cover, you have a ton of options when selecting what’s best for your room. Also, the price of your rug will vary depending on who the manufacturer is. So, whatever your budget is, feel free to explore what is available and look for something different, but it should go well with the furniture and wall color too.

May 7, 2020

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