Top 5 Vanity Lights to Add to Your Bathroom

Vanity lighting is the lighting that hangs above or beside a mirror in a bathroom. There are lots of different styles to choose from. Many homes come with very simple vanity lighting when they are built.


If you’re a homeowner, you may want to switch up this lighting after a little while. You probably want something that goes better with the rest of your décor or that fits the theme you’re wanting to have throughout your home.


The right vanity lighting can have a major impact on the look of your vanity, which is why it’s so important to make the switch. When you’re looking for a new vanity light, you should keep a few factors in mind.


First, make sure the vanity lighting has the same style as the rest of your bathroom. You don’t want to mix and match styles if you can help it. If you’re trying to have a coastal-themed bathroom, look for a vanity light that has the same theme.


Next, figure out how big your mirror is. If you choose a vanity light that is too small, it will look even smaller above a huge mirror. Simply measure the width of your mirror before you begin your search. The light doesn’t need to be the same exact width, but it shouldn’t be a lot shorter.


Finally, consider the colors you are using. Style is important, but so is color. Some vanity lights are just metal, which is easy to work with. You should still make sure that you select the right metal though. Look at the shower and sink faucets in your bathroom to figure out what will work best.


To help you get started, here are 5 vanity lights to add to your bathroom!


Alina 3-Light 22″ Brass Wall Sconce

Alina 3-Light 22″ Brass Wall Sconce, Black/Brass


The Alina 3-Light Wall Sconce looks amazing in a modern bathroom. It’s chic and adds a little bit more to the space. The black and brass pair nicely together with the clear globe lights.


Billy 26.5″ 3-light Metal Vanity Light

Billy 26.5″ 3-light Metal Vanity Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze

The Billy 3-Light Metal Vanity Light comes in a gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze color. It’s a great lighting option for a modern or industrial bathroom. With the shape of the light fixture, you can add some interest to the space. The color and design are very clean and crisp.


Lamium 3-Light 22” Brass Wall Sconce

Lamium 3-Light 22″ Brass Wall Sconce, Brass Gold/Black


This wall sconce will make any bathroom look more modern and chic. The black and brass complement each other and provide the perfect base for the white glass globe lights. It provides just enough light and keeps the space feeling soft.


Winston 34” 4-Light Metal/Bubbled Glass Vanity Light

Winston 34″ 4-light Metal/ Bubbled Glass Vanity Light, Chrome


This classic style looks great in any bathroom. Because of the clear and chrome combination with the simple design, it’s easy to pair with a range of other décor. This specific vanity light provides a lot of light and adds functionality to the space.


Musa 17.5” 2-Light Metal Vanity Light

Musa 26.5″ 3-light Metal Vanity Light, Chrome


This chrome cone shade vanity light is a great choice for a modern industrial bathroom. It’s still very polished, but it isn’t too sophisticated. It’s a very versatile vanity light that works well in a few different spaces. Its small size is perfect for more narrow mirrors.


As you search for a new vanity light, don’t forget to look on Here, you will find a wide selection of vanity lights. This will help you to have the most options so you can select a light that really works in your space.

April 16, 2019