TOP 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Table Lamp


Learn top ways to consider when choosing a table lamp for your home.

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Some lighting fixtures may not be sufficient for lighting your desired area. However, there are several types of fixtures like hanging lamps, crystal table lamps, flush mount LED kitchen lights, tubes, chandeliers, etc to improve your room’s overall look.

It would also help if you considered table lamps for steering clear from the worries associated with the continuous supply of light, which often results in heavy electric bills.

So, make sure you carefully choose the right type of lights and crystal table lamp sets table for decorating or refurbishing your home or work area. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a table lamp for your house.

1. Shape and Characters

You must avoid choosing a table lamp that doesn’t sit well in the place you are buying for. Consider the size of your table or the area you are planning to place your lamp on, making sure it looks visually pleasing. If your table is heavy and large, go visually heavy, round lamps.

Go for short and sleek lamps if the table is small or rectangular. Likewise, if you are looking for a bedside lamp, then go something with shallow depth. As a rule of thumb, table lamps should never exceed 1.5 times the height of the table.

2. Mixing Styles

If you are looking to mix and match your table lamps, make sure you consider your room’s decor first. Table lamps should not be necessarily matching the rest of the décor. However, if you do want to mix, then make sure the mixing is not random. The best way to mix lamps would be to look for common styles in their shades, metal finish, shapes or globe size, and coloring scheme. You can also opt for a sculptured lamp with two small jar lamps having common colors. Metals are hard to mix, as bronze does not go well with chrome finish lamps on the next table. So, steer clear from such mixing.

3. Height Factor

Choosing the right height is a common mistake the buyers usually make. So what’s the ideal height while selecting lamps for bedside, study table, buffet, or an office table?

As a rule of thumb, the height of the table lamp plus the height of the table should not exceed 58 or 64 inches. Whereas, table lamps plus bedside height should not be over 36 inches. This rule is ideal for almost all situations as far as table lamps are concerned.

4. Light Color

Another dilemma most people miss out on is selecting the right type of light color. For instance, a fluorescent light may make your room look washed out or off-color. You should consider the pattern of lights in the table lamps that you may like most.

For example, a flush mount LED kitchen lights should be a good choice for setting your room with a yellow cast. The same light with 3000k will give pure white light. Likewise, going further up a 4k light offers a cool and blue hue. All these light colors have different aesthetic appeals.

You should go for a light color for a table lamp which addresses your need. Also, you should always have an option with a dimmer to make the light subtle and soft.

5. Odd size Lamp-Shades

Lampshades are the best option for table lamps, which is why it is most appropriate for its looks, size, and length covering the lamp base. Sometimes people go for a shade that is too large or vice versa. You should consider lampshades with a diameter no more than 2 inches less than the lamp base.

For a 12-inch tall lamp base, the ideal shade size should be 10 inches at max, not less. Lampshades inherently come in lighter shades and can illuminate any area, as long as you place them properly. Nonetheless, dark shades will reduce the light and make it work like a task-light.

6. Picking the Wrong Color

Table lamps come in all colors, types, and shapes for different purposes and areas. You may find a beautifully colored lamp, but its color may not look good in some areas.

You should choose a lamp with colors that suit well with your room. In some cases, a lamp with one color will make your room look compact and small. Nonetheless, if a multi-color choice is inevitable, then you should consider keeping it limited to two or three colored lamps only. Crystal table lamps are ideal for multi-color choice.

7. Non-Matching Metals

This is another common mistake on this list, as most people tend to choose a mix of bronze and copper. On the other hand, chrome seems to be the perfect partner for nickel face lamps.

Furthermore, nickel perfectly complements the light shades of bronze, another metal. Silver and gold colors from different metals will make a lamp look serene and perfect no matter where you keep it. These are basic combos of metallic colors or metals.

Some people try and mix nickel with copper, an odd mixing, that rarely looks good. You should avoid placing lamps together with non-matching metals as it looks odd and out of form.

8. Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for good lighting, task lighting, reading, and sewing, etc. You can also amplify the light through ceiling lights, wall-mounted lights, flush-mounted lights, pendants, floor lamps, etc. The ceiling light is generally a basic light source.

Braden 20″ Industrial Metal Table Lamp, Black/Silver

Exposed bulbs were all the rage during the industrial revolution, showing off the luxury of electricity for those who could afford it. Now, you can incorporate some of this turn-of-the-century style with this 20″ table lamp. A wire cage in oil rubbed bronze surrounds the light in this new take on the industrial console lamp, which will add antique style to any space.

You should always consider lamps as an economic and effective light alternative least disturbing way. Their performance is unparalleled, making them a tremendous lighting fixture. If you want to get the best table lamp, living room lamps, consider its styles, metals, symmetry, and other features as well.

April 19, 2021

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