Top Flush Mount Pendant Lighting Ideas for 2021


Know top flush mount pendant lighting Ideas for your home decor.

flush mount lighting

For illuminating your home, inside or outside, you may consider different types of lights. Whether you like ambient or general lighting, task light, and accent lighting fixtures, you now have plenty of options from which you can choose.

Ambient light is useful for not only illuminating a room but also giving it a personality. Task lights will throw light directly at the object that you want to highlight. Accent lighting is all about getting attention to a particular object, usually an art piece.

Today, we will guide you on the types of pendant lights and the areas where they will look great. While we’ll mainly focus on modern LED pendant lights, we’ll also touch upon some other great lighting options, such as crystal flush mount light fixtures.

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Crystal Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Crystal flush mount lights offer a wide range of options and you can have them anywhere in your home, e.g. bedroom, living room, dining area, foyer, staircase, gateway entrance, and guest rooms.


Trinity 13″ Metal/Crystal LED Flush Mount

Turn on the charm in your room with this iron and crystal chandelier, where the teardrop-shaped crystals seem to drop off the round frame. The orb finish lends an industrial base, while the crystal components add romance and classic glamour. At 13″ wide, it is scaled perfectly for small to medium sized rooms — we love hanging this bestseller in unexpected nooks such as bathrooms and walk-in closets for a dash of drama.

Bedroom – Flush Mount Round Crystal Chandelier Light

This one’s a stunning bedroom flush mount light that will not only give your room the brightness you are looking for, but will also add beauty and zing of glam when lit. This crystal chandelier is a flush mount light for flat ceilings.

Square Mini Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Hallway
These flush mount crystal lights come with dimmers to have a light intensity of your liking. They are good for your living rooms, dining areas, kitchen islands, foyers, hallways, etc.

All crystal flush mount light fixtures come in a polished, stainless steel ceiling base with clear crystalline strands and droplets. They all come with dimmers.

They require self-assembly, so you can test your technical know-how. However, you will need a bit of patience while assembling them.

Glass Pendants

Glass pendants are an all-time favorite with home interior designers. Glass pendants present endless designs, shapes, and colors.

These are good lighting aspects to even disburse and at the same diffuse light within the space they occupy. This feature hardly diminishes whether you choose an opal, globe, rectangular, or ripple glass pendant. These pendants look great in various environments, home or business alike.

You need to pay attention to their cleaning to have a uniform flow of light. They come in different color-shades e.g. murky or crystal clear glass.

Glass pendants have two more types; the Crosshatch Glass Pendant that comes in the blue and amber finish and the Classic Glass Pendant in the smoke finish adding some vintage touch to your room.

Multi Light Pendants

Multi-light pendants come in two forms. The first one comes with multiple light sources on its arms that stem from its center. They can be shade-less. These shades give light that comes from the arm bars, like an industrial light. They are great for lighting large areas like a pub or living rooms.

The second form of multi-light pendants comes in the form of a pendant cord light with or without shades, extending from a ceiling. You can hang them around in the ceiling with up to three, four, five, or maybe eight-light drops. Ideally, you want to hang them on the ceiling of the foyer or the staircase landing.

Another type of shaded light comes with a long rectangular ceiling rose hanging in a straight-line. They are good for stairs, kitchen islands, or a small lobby or dining area.

Drum Shade Pendants

Drum shades are interchangeable with Glass pendants. The drum is usually made out of fabric material.

The drum shade pendants, as usual, look great in a variety of environments, such as your living room, dining area, or your master bedroom.

These drum shade pendants are captivating! You can have a painted paper shade with fun colors to make it look like an all-age light pendant. You will find the shades in purple, blue, sea-green, and dull orange hues. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a pearl-white shade.

Globe Pendant Lights

Globe pendants are among evergreen lighting fixtures. These come in clear or diffused shades. These globe pendants are great for having evenly spread light to get a classic lighting look in the room. Globe pendants are good for the kitchens, restaurants, and hallways.

The pendants are round, and thus, depending on their size, may encapsulate the lamp – virtually making it hard to see from any angle. You can use them in your backyard or light up your front door.

Warehouse Pendant Light

This is a versatile option that can go into a lot of different rooms in your home, from your kitchen island to the powder room. This pendant will throw light down and outward, allowing you to use it for surface and ambient lighting.

It comes in different top finishes, including green, cherry red, and classic neutral colors to match any space where you want to install it.

It’s energy-efficient and not heavy on the pocket. Since they are available in different sizes, you can install them anywhere in the house.

Cord Pendants

This is a bit understated style of lighting – a bare bulb on a pendant. They are useful for smaller spaces, such as an apartment as a bedside light or over dining area in restaurants (when you use many of them). However, they will showcase your designer bulb or LED lighting more stylishly.

Linear Pendant

A linear pendant light offers the simplest and effective lighting solution. Such lighting fixtures come with a long tube bulb on a single canopy. Again, like many other pendants, these are also great for kitchens and dining areas. Just hang them from the ceiling right above the area where you wish to eat or drink.

The linear pendant will throw optimal light, something that should complement modern and traditional decor.


Pendant lights are a popular choice for every household these days. However, you have to pick the right option and hang it in the right place. You can hang just one to get attention to a particular area or a cluster to illuminate the entire space. So, which one are you going to pick today?

March 5, 2021

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