Top Tips for Buying Runner Rugs


One type of rug you might choose to add to your home is a runner rug.

One type of rug you might choose to add to your home is a runner rug. The standard runner rug size is 2-3 feet wide. They can be anywhere from 6 to 14 feet long. Runner rugs are usually placed in hallways or kitchens.

Before you buy a runner rug, you should know some basic information about runner rugs. This will ensure you get the right runner rug for your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you shop for a runner rug for your home.

  1. Be sure to measure. Though runner rugs have a pretty standard size, it is still important to measure the space before you buy one. It is best to make sure you have about 5 inches of flooring on all sides of a runner rug. If you have a longer hallway, it can be hard to find a long enough rug. Just make sure that your runner rug is centered in this case.
  2. Choose a runner rug that is durable and that will hide wear. Runner rugs are typically placed in high-traffic areas, such as entry hallways. They naturally get a lot of traffic and wear. Look for a durable rug that will withstand heavy wear. Additionally, it can be a good idea to buy a rug with a pattern or darker color so dirt and debris are less visible.
  3. Consider the runner rug’s material. Certain materials are easier to clean and are more durable. For a runner rug, it is a good idea to buy a rug made of synthetic fibers, like polypropylene. Cotton and nylon are also durable options.
  4. Think about your home’s style and décor. Whenever you buy new furniture, rugs, lighting, or other home décor items, you need to consider your home’s style. This will help to keep things cohesive. You do not want to mix and match too many colors, patterns, and designs. When you are shopping for a runner rug, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the style you are looking for.

If you want to achieve a natural or earthy look, try the Hainan Hand Woven Chunky Jute with Fringe. It’s available in two colors, which pair nicely with a range of other shades. This is a versatile rug that goes well in a variety of spaces.

Hainan Hand Woven Chunky Jute with Fringe

Natural jute fiber and a chunky texture make this handwoven rug a great addition to your home. The solid natural jute color works almost anywhere, in both modern or traditional rooms. Fringed ends add even more texture. This rug is reversible for longer wear.

If you want to achieve a modern theme in your home, take a look at the Orlando Modern Abstract Rug. This rug is also available in two vibrant color schemes. It’s modern but can work in a boho or minimalist space with the right pieces.

Orlando Modern Abstract Rug

As if dabbed with an artist’s brush right onto your floor, the vibrant colors and soft texture of this rug will have your guests thinking it is a real masterpiece. A contemporary composition of coral, red, gold, navy, blue, and cream, it is an accent designed to fit many color palettes. Pair with chunky textured fabrics and rattan for a boho look, or sleek minimalist furnishings for a more modern take.

If you have a boho or vintage space, the Madison Boho Vintage Medallion Rug is a great choice. It’s available in two different color combinations. It adds a pop of color to any space. Its ornate design helps to hide foot traffic, making it a perfect runner rug.

Madison Boho Vintage Medallion Rug

Whimsical in color, the traditional framed medallion design on this bohemian rug adds a tasteful splash of color to any style of d?cor. Whether for a high traffic space like a living room or dining room, or a private space like a bedroom or bathroom, the durability and style combine to create the perfect floor covering. In shades of blue, red, coral, and ivory; this rug is a stunning accent for any space.

As you shop for a runner rug, be sure to keep these tips in mind. These guidelines will help you to find the perfect runner rug for your home. For more runner rug options, check


July 2, 2019

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