Top Ways to Shop Vintage Rugs- Buying Guides


Know the best ways to shop vintage rugs for your home.

Vintage rug

Vintage style rugs are one of the most classic accessories for homes. They make the ambience of every space overwhelmingly beautiful and charming. A piece lying on the floor is enough to give a bold statement to your room.

If you want to purchase a vintage rug for decorating your personal space, you will need some tips and techniques. This is because you might bring a carpet that may not even fit in your room, or you can purchase an artificial one, so you must keep the following factors in your mind when you go for the hunt of a rug. So let’s read on to know what you will need to do.

Try to Buy Directly

If you don’t want to get played by any seller, it is best to buy directly from the maker. If you are planning to fly somewhere like Turkey, don’t buy vintage style rugs from a street bazaar. Moreover, never try to take help from the navigators. They scam dealers and take a considerable amount of commissions from them, which results in you buying an expensive piece of art.

So, it better to do little research before committing to a certain vendor. Find places where you can come across reputable suppliers, then pick the one you like.

Measure Your Space

Get the dimensions before starting your journey to find an elegant rug. This way, you will have an idea of what size and shape will best fit your home.

Always purchase a rug that leaves at least six inches of space between walls and itself when you put it on the floor. Make sure that your rug is not the same size as your room. This will allow you to properly position the rug and clean it afterward.

Understand, Perfection is Impossible

Don’t forget that vintage rugs are handmade. This is why their size can sometimes be imperfect. They are mostly a little longer and thinner than the usual type of rug because its base depends on the loom. You may not find the exact measurements you want, but you can look for the ones near to your dimensions.

What if you don’t like the rug, which has a dimension close to your measurements? There is a strategy you can use. If you find a too-small rug, you can place it on the top of a jute rug. This will add an artistic look to your space.

Look for the Origin

The origin of the rug is very crucial. Of course, you want an extremely attractive piece from the Middle Eastern region. One of the oldest and well-known civilizations who are masters of this craft is Turkey. Turks typically have rugs with a more geometric design than others.

Not to mention, Persian rugs from Iran are also incredible and have a unique and traditional style. They have a solid pattern and high quality, which puts them in high demand around the globe.

Find Signs of Handmade Rugs

Obviously, the look of a handmade rug is completely different from the one made from a machine. They have an inspiring appearance and beautiful features, that is why people want to buy them.

So, to ensure that the machine is not the carpet maker, ask the supplier to show you its back. When you see the backside, it should look the same as the upper side of the rug. This is the easiest and simplest technique to catch that the rug is not handmade.

Check the Paint

You may find this one ridiculous. But you need to check the color of the rug, whether it is painted. It’s a common practice to fool the buyers. Disreputable buyers are the ones who take advantage of purchasers.

So, to determine that the carpet’s dyes are not artificial, take a small damp cloth and slowly and gently rub it on the rug. If you find any color on the cloth, you need to find your vintage style rug somewhere else.

Know When to Pass

Usually, the perfect rugs do not fade, but they can with too much wear. Some people like to pick the ones that have original patterns and designs. But of course, not everyone has the same choice.

Having a few wefts, warps, and a grid on the rug can lower the appearance of a too-strong color pellet and the rug’s design. You can adjust to this type of rug if you are falling for the design. But if you find a light touch of exposed foundation spreading on the entire carpet, then you need to continue your hunt.

Vet the Seller

The trickiest part comes if you find an extremely attractive rug online. How will you predict if the rug is original and doesn’t have any artificial color or something? In this case, start by searching for dealer reviews. See if their products are authentic and if their users are happy. If you find positive answers, go with it.

If you are buying a rug from the shop and can’t visit the countries that sell the perfect rugs we have mentioned, you need to extend your research circle. Ask people where you can find the original vintage rugs. Go in-person to a shop and have a conversation with the owner. The more you interact and search, the more you have a chance to find a better quality vintage rug, bohemian area rugs. Once you get a perfect piece of carpet, you will surely appreciate your efforts.

Go with Your Instinct

There are times when you need to go with your instinct. Of course, at the end of the day, you will need something that you love. Others may find your favourite carpet worthless. Or you may refuse to buy one of the best pieces in the market, only because it didn’t click.

It’s similar to buying any art piece. You just pick something for which your heart falls. So always listen to your heart when you are buying a vintage rug for your home sweet home.

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Kolkata Boho Vintage Medallion Rug

In shades of indigo and ivory, this Moroccan trellis is Inspired by timeless vintage designs and crafted with the softest polypropylene available. Originating with the Berber tribes of North Africa, this beautiful linear pattern is made modern in a deep navy yarn power loomed for durability. The simple geometric stripes, triangle and diamond motifs will give a fresh look to any room.

Bioko Ornate Geometric Medallion Rug

Three diamond-shaped medallions in the center of this design recall Moroccan tribal rugs. The neutral gray color scheme adds a modern twist. With its Bohemian-inspired, distressed look, this rug would be perfect for a dining room, living room, entry or bedroom.

Bottom Line

Vintage-style rugs are the choice of almost every homeowner who can afford it. They have an undoubtedly “complete look” that also makes any space out of the ordinary. So, bring one for your home by following this guide.

October 20, 2020

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