Why is Good Lighting Important in a Home?

Not everyone realizes how important it is to have good lighting in their home. You might be in this same position, and that’s okay. Maybe you have kept the lighting that your home originally came with when you bought it. You might be using the same lamps that you have had for years.


Though these options may still be working for you, they may not be truly good lighting. Good lighting is powerful and can have a positive impact on a home’s look and feel. Here are some of the top reasons that good lighting matters.


  1. Lighting can set the mood. Lighting can light up a whole room and add a lot of brightness. You can also add lighting in certain areas or on some elements of the space, such as near a painting. Lighting can change what your guests are focused on in the room and place emphasis on certain features.


  1. Light, when paired with color, can open up a space. If you have a light-colored space and add lighting, the room will feel much larger. When a light illuminates a wall, the room is going to look much bigger and more open. Adding a large, powerful light can help a dark-colored space feel larger as well.


  1. Light fixtures add more design elements. Depending on the light fixtures that you buy, you may be able to tie the room together. You can match colors and metals so that everything is more cohesive. Some lamps are very design-oriented. Those kinds of lighting act as home décor and lights in a single piece.

As you can see, lighting adds a lot to a home. By being intentional in the lighting choices you make, you can really make a difference in the mood or style of your space. Be sure to consider the style you currently have and any design elements you wish to add.


It’s also essential to choose high-quality light fixtures that are going to last for years to come. You don’t want to have to deal with the problems that come with low-quality lighting. It’s much better to make a small investment up front and get something that will function well long-term.


Eyely.com offers lighting options that are both high-quality and affordable. To help you begin your search, here are a few of the top lighting choices available from Eyely.com.


  1. Clematis 5.5″ Adjustable Metal/Glass LED Pendant

Clematis 5.5″ Adjustable Metal/Glass LED Pendant

This is a great versatile pendant that can be used no matter what your style may be. This is great for anyone who may want to switch up their décor often. The pendant can stay while you make other changes.


  1. Agama 21” 3-Tier Metal LED Pendant

Agama 21″ 3-Tier Metal LED Pendant, Gold

This pendant fits in nicely in a contemporary home. Like the previous option, it is fairly versatile and can work with a range of color schemes. It’s a great statement piece too.


  1. Astrantia 29.7″ Glass LED Table Lamp


Astrantia 29.7″ Glass LED Table Lamp, Navy

This lamp offers a modern style with a touch of elegance. It’s perfect in a modern space, but it can work well anywhere that you want that extra glamour. The navy color works well with many color schemes because it’s such a versatile color.


April 11, 2019