Modern LED Lamps to Light up Your Floor


Read our guideline for choose the right modern LED lamps for your home.

LED floor lamp

Lamps alone are a beautiful option to create a glowing atmosphere in a room. One can simply install some modern lamps in a room with many windows and watch the magic unfold. Lamps can also be added to ceiling lights in basements or darker rooms. However, to create a glow that resembles the whiteness of sunlight, you must seriously consider using an LED lamp on the floor or even a small side table.

Floor lamps have the power to create both direct task-lighting and ambient lighting in your room. They also have the potential capability of creating just the mood you are aiming for in your personal space.

How to Choose the Right One

The interior design markets are filled with a variety of modern LED floor lamp, but how do you find the perfect one for your room? Fret not; we will discuss a few pointers to help you find a lamp that perfectly fits your styles, tastes, and needs.

If you don’t like to experiment much or fear to destroy the simple sophistication of your room with too much, you could begin with a standard floor lamp. A standard model comes with a torchiere design or a single shade and stem. It also features a glass bowl top. This is the perfect choice to add character to any room in your house. Add a task light or a novelty light for specific uses, such as crocheting on your sofa or reading in your armchair.

If you prefer a more upbeat look, you should consider using a tripod-style or column style lamp. These have a lot more special features to boost style and convenience. Most designs offer height adjustability and have a swing arm.

Here are some varieties to pick from:

Ambient LED Lamps

The ambient LED floor lamps are the most common type for floors and provide general light to your space. These come with a traditional lampshade top, helpful in diffusing semi-direct illumination. These are ideal for living room corners or besides comfortable lounge chairs and sofas.

Reading LED Floor Lamps

Floor lamps for reading are designed to provide focused, direct light for reading. These are perfect for illuminating your favorite nook, your work desk, or space where you just simply love to curl up and read. With the modern versions, you even get the options of a flexible arm, a tilting shade, and other capabilities to adjust to where you need the light most.

Arc LED Lamps

With the standard versions, you aim for stationary mostly, but with arc floor lamps, you can get a lot more versatility. Arc lamps are, in truth, a combination of ambient and reading floor lamps, with a stem that can extend outwards and upwards.

With an adjustable stem, you can easily move the light to directly illuminate the space in focus, such as a worktable or a reading chair. Certain arc lamps even replicate an overhead light’s effect, stretch way upwards and over a spot and are best for conversation spaces and even dining tables.

Torchiere and Uplight Floor Lamps

You can distinguish floor lamps by their shades pointing upwards. This unique style of upward direction makes it more of accent light rather than a task or ambient light. These are the best choice if you are looking to add more dimensions to your walls and corners with a burst of uplighting.

Some Other Considerations to Bear in Mind When Shopping for Floor Lamps

Each floor lamp is indeed aesthetically unique. What we need to remember when shopping for lamps is to choose a model that not only appeals to us but also is a perfect fit for the space we will place it in.

Mostly when we browse through lamps in pictures, we always find them attractive and stylish. But we need to bear foremost in mind the scale and how the lamp will feature particularly in our spot. Here are some things to ponder:

1. Cost

The cost of floor lamps varies greatly, ranging from low cost, functional models to insanely expensive ones for design or artistic purposes. As a rule, the bigger the name and the more intricate the design, the bigger the price tag will be. In essence, however, a floor lamp means a fantastic design to serve as a work of art in your space.

2. Height

Height is another important factor. Remember, the higher the source, the wider the spread of light will be. This factor works well for ambient lighting but may be unsuitable for task light. In task lighting, you want a more focused and closer light but out of the way to save you from head collisions.

Also, remember the scale of everything else in your room. If you prefer low-style platform furniture, do not choose an over-towering lamp that will look ridiculous with the style scheme. Preferably, choose one that has adjustable height options. Finally, also remember to pick a lamp that does not give you an uncomfortable glare.

3. Size

Lamp sizes also vary with designs. Torchiere or shaded ones are generally taller but occupy fewer space thanks to their vertical orientation. Arc floor lamps, on the contrary, have a horizontal extension and occupy more space. Proactively measure how much space you can afford your floor lamp before you buy one to avoid uncomfortable return trips later on. Lastly, determine which type of lighting your floor needs. There are key layers:

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent

Once you have determined the kind of light you want your floor lamp to emit, the floor is all yours without further ado.


LED floor lamps are the unsung heroes of every modern home in this age. Give them all due consideration with our guidelines to provide the perfect illumination and glow your room is asking for. What’s more, these modern floor lamps are absolutely hassle-freee and ask for no intensive time devotion for installation.


January 27, 2020

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