The Perfect Chandelier Buying Guide


Know the chandelier buying guide.


Chandeliers these days look very different from the ones you used to see. Chandeliers of the past were glittery and had crystals all around them. However, modern chandeliers do not look anything like that. Contemporary chandeliers look minimal, elegant, and are mostly on darker tones.

These chandeliers are the perfect functional accessory for any home. They are a necessity in any household. However, when you head out to buy one for yourself, you will see that a single chandelier piece will cost you between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

For this reason, when you head out to buy a chandelier lighting, you should look at a chandelier buying guide. A buying guide tells you about the aspects of the product that you might miss while buying. So what things would a buying guide tell you to look out for? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Pick the Size of the Chandelier

Chandeliers come in all different shapes and sizes. For this reason, your nearest chandelier shop will have something for you. However, most chandeliers come in sizes between 17 to 48 inches. In the chandeliers, the number of lights can differ. A seventeen-inch chandelier can have three to 7 light bulbs. However, some might have even more.

In my opinion, a 17-inch chandelier is perfect for smaller and middle-size rooms. However, if you have a very small room, you can go for multiple mini chandeliers. They usually have a capacity of one to three light bulbs. They look elegant and help in dividing the light better.

You and use these mini chandeliers in bigger rooms as well. They will help in balancing the light across the room.

Step 2: Pick a Style

Lighting has evolved a lot in today’s design industry. Now, you can find various kinds of lightings and chandeliers on the market. However, most are as follows.

Traditional Chandeliers

The most common are traditional ones. These will have several ornate and heavy crystals on them. You may find these chandeliers at your grandparent’s house, farmhouses, or antique homes.

They look beautiful and rustic. However, working them into contemporary home décor is challenging.

Transitional Chandeliers

Currently, Transitional chandeliers are getting a lot of attention. They are a fun blend of traditional and modern chandeliers. In appearance, they are minimalistic, straightforward, and elegant.

Since they are a mix of traditional and modern chandeliers, they look very fun and personal. They are the perfect option if your space has a lot of character and body. You will find them in beautiful wooden lodges.

Modern LED Pendant Lights

Contemporary chandeliers are modernized versions of chandeliers. They are symmetrical, sharp, and appear very minimalist. In most cases, you will see that they are only simple hanging lights in a beautifully simple glass case. They are mostly in geometric designs.

These clean line designs suit all kinds of room decor you can think of. On the other hand, they do not look overwhelming in any way.

Eclectic Chandeliers

Eclectic chandelier designs are perfect for lightings for children. They are beautiful, fun designs. Since eclectic chandeliers are unique designs, you might need to get them custom-made. This way, you can find something your heart desires on the market readily available.

Keep in mind that all the chandelier kinds come in different shapes and sizes. The most common chandelier styles you might find are a novelty, vintage, farmhouse, wrought iron, coastal, and industrial.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Shade and Accessories

Keep in mind that chandeliers come in different shades. All shades work with only certain types of rooms. As they say, lighting can make and break your room.

Most commonly, chandelier shades come in fabric, glass, or crystals. Alternatively, they can be in a combination of fabric and glass.

However, keep in mind that fabric shade does not provide you with bright light. This is because they diffuse the light that comes out. On the other hand, glass shades help the chandelier produce brighter light.

Keep in mind that chandeliers glass shades come in different categories. The most common types you will find are Tiffany-style glass, seeded glass, rain glass, and etched glass. In fabric, the most famous shade material is linen.

Steps 4: Pick the Perfect Type of Chandelier

You can find multiple types of chandeliers on the market right now. The most common types you can find are as follows.

Shaded Chandeliers

These might be the most common types of chandeliers to see. They are comparatively more cost-effective, and they have beautiful glass pr fabric shades.

Candle Chandelier Lighting

Candle chandeliers are now becoming very common around the market. They look beautiful and rustic. Their light bulbs look like candles, and you can find their bulbs very easily on the market. They look like real candle chandeliers from medieval times.

Crystal Chandeliers

When you hear the word chandelier, surely a crystal chandelier comes to mind. You will find these chandeliers in old houses. They are the classic American chandeliers. If you pair them with the right décor, they will look exceptionally elegant.

Step 5: Compare Its Price to Value

When you are buying anything, you need to compare its price with its value. The best way to compare prices is by surveying the market. Search your options and try finding the best chandelier according to your space’s décor and your price range. Keep searching until you find the right piece.

Final Feedback

Chandeliers are the perfect lighting for any décor. They look beautiful, and they make your room look more modern and elegant. In the current times, you can get chandeliers in any style you like. If you do not find one on the market, you can invest in getting custom modern LED pendant lights.

August 17, 2020

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