The Best Lamps To Buy In Pairs

Pairs of lamps add a classic touch to almost any space. They bring a sense of order and balance to both modern and eclectic rooms. Choose a dramatic lamp design, and a pair of lamps can become a bold focal point in your interior design. Here are just a few of our favorite lamp pairings:

Living Room and Great Room Lamps:

Living rooms always have lighting challenges, especially in open floor plans or very small spaces. A pair of lamps is the perfect choice to provide reading light beside a sofa. But place them against a wall, and a pair of stylish lamps can provide ambient lighting too. We love the way designer Erin Fetherston used a pair of extra-tall lamps to make a big statement in a small living room:

Interior Design: Erin Fetherston


When you choose a pair of lamps, make sure their height is the right scale for your space. Taller lamps (over 30″) work best against a wall – the extra height keeps the bulb from showing over the top of the shade. If they’ll be sitting on a narrow table, look for slim proportions:

Shop: Alani 34″ Lamp


When shopping for a pair of lamps to flank a sofa, make sure the lampshade covers the the bulb and socket when you’re seated. Lamps between 26″ and 32″ tall are best – but you’ll want to check the height of your end tables to be sure.


Think outside the box – not all lamps that make an ideal pair are sold in twos! Back in the day (think mid-century era), living room sets were sold with a matching pair of lamps. We think they had the right idea – imagine this traditional beauty as a pair:

Shop: Ayla 29″ Lamp


Try two of these in a coastal interior or even a rustic farmhouse:

Shop: Avery 28.5″ Lamp

Buffet or Console Lamps:

While a lot of designers like to pile accessories on a console or buffet, we love a pair of lamps to keep things orderly. Chinoiserie and Maximalism are design buzzwords right now, and this console ensemble has it all:

Credit: Lynn Chalk


Channel your inner Maximalist with a pair of these blue-and-white beauties:

Shop: Angie 27″ Lamp


If your style is modern, you can still go for the glam with this brass and crystal pair:

Shop: Zoe 27.5″ Crystal Lamp


Dark and moody is going to be the next big thing – if you need a little mood lighting, look for a pair of lamps with sex appeal:

Shop: Beaver Fringed 27.5″ Lamp

Bedroom Lamps

Using a matching pair of lamps in the bedroom helps create a calm, orderly, and balanced space. A serene bedroom helps you wind down at the end of the day. Think about how much light you need (do you read in bed?) and the height of your bedside tables, when shopping for bedroom lamps.

Source: Pinterest


Again, keeping things in proportion will give you the most functional lighting. Lamps from 28″ to 32″ tall typically work best next to a bed.

Shop: Andrea 30″ Lamp


In this traditional room, gourd-shaped bedside lamps have a plain glaze that contributes to the overall calm:

Credit: Richard Leo Johnson


For a pop of color in a traditional or a modern room, try a pair of these timeless gourd lamps in vibrant coral, 2019’s Color of the Year:

Shop: Victoria 27.5″ Coral Lamp


March 28, 2019