Why You Need a Variety of Light Sources in Your Home


why it’s important to multiple light sources.

Too often, people place a single light source in each room of their home. They think that it’s good enough to have lighting in the space. They consider the job done and then they can check it off their list. In reality, this isn’t enough. More lighting is essential to really make your home complete.


Homes need more lighting than people often realize. Lighting in a home is very important and does more than just allow you to see the book you’re reading. Lighting has many purposes, from setting the mood to adding elements of design. This is why it’s so essential to add multiple light sources.


One common light source is overhead lighting. This may be a pendant, chandelier, or ceiling fan with a light. This is a good place to start, but there is more to it than that. Overhead lighting alone isn’t enough to do the job well.


Often, overhead lighting, like the examples listed previously, is a homeowner’s first choice. It just makes sense because these lights are so big. Unfortunately, overhead lighting is overdone and other types of lighting are left out of the mix. It’s important to have a combination of lighting.


To resolve this common issue in a simple way, add lamps to your space. Lamps create a sense of coziness and they set the mood. Overhead lighting doesn’t give you that cozy or homey feel in the same way that lamps do. You can still have overhead lighting in your home, but you should consider adding a lamp to add to the tone your home has.


Lamps can also be used to add more interest to the space. Choose a lamp or two that has elements of design. Make sure these match well with the rest of your space, of course. If you have a color scheme or overall theme, find lamps that fit that theme. Lamps can be a great way to add a pop of color or additional details.


Here are a couple of lamp suggestions to set the mood and add more light to your home. Remember that these lamps are also functional and give you the light you need while you read or work. Place them in spots around the room that make sense, such as on a side table beside your favorite chair.

Hunter 24″ LED Metal Task Lamp, Black/Brass Gold

Sleek style and a slender profile add allure to the design of this desk lamp in black and gold. A fresh, polished color combination transforms a classic silhouette into something enticing, combining an iconic shape with luxe finishing touches including brass plating, LED compatibility, and a silk-wrapped cord. This black and antique brass metal desk lamp is right at home in an upscale business or residential work space.

Task lamps are most functional on desks because they give you the light you need to work. This one features black and brass gold, which gives it a very polished look. It adds interest to an otherwise classic style. Add this task lamp to your desk to increase the functionality and design in your workspace.

Carolina 59.5″ Crystal LED Floor Lamp, Clear/Chrome

For those who love architectural details, this crystal column floor lamp’s perfect proportions and mix of chrome and crystal create a perfect harmony of simplicity and interest. The cotton drum lampshade is a modern addition, and the silk-wrapped cord is so lovely, you’ll want to leave it exposed. Best of all, this lamp is fabricated from premium materials — 100% cotton fabric, crystal, and chrome-plated electrical components — making it a reliable choice for years to come.

Floor lamps are a good way to light up a room in a less common way. This lamp features clear and chrome details with a classic white drum shade. It fits nicely into a modern or classic space. It adds elegance with the crystal and chrome. It’s simple and interesting so you can try something new without stepping out of your comfort zone.

April 16, 2019

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