Everything about Natural Fiber Rugs – 2021 Guide


Natural fiber rugs - 2021 guide.

natural fiber area rug

Rugs have been in fashion all these years. You must have seen natural fiber rugs exist in many households. They are always in fashion.

In this modern era, rugs add a fresh look, feel, and style to any room. They complement our household furniture, lighting, and wall colors. Moreover, they sit pretty well both indoors and outdoors. Rugs are famous for being present in every culture.

These rugs are a fashion statement when you look around to augment your home looks. Plus, they are for every budget and trendy.

In this 2021 rug guide, we will share everything you must know about natural fiber rugs.

What’s a Natural Fiber Rug?

Natural fiber rugs are extracts of plant fibers. They are durable, light on your wallet, and derived directly from nature as we will explain.

The natural fibers for rugs are in use for making strong ropes and twines, etc. This is an additional feature that makes rugs last long even after long rough use.

Fashion and Trend

New fashion trends are evolving to get a cozy look for your interior décor. Rugs are the best answer to that. You can put layers of rugs of larger to smaller size on top to get a new look. Carpets won’t give you such a serene look.

Moreover, rugs give you various colors, from sixteenth-century looks to classic Persian designs to contemporary requisites, like a Chevron rug design that packs a punch. It’s hard to ignore while planning your interior.
Rugs can add beauty to small or narrow spaces alike.

Natural Fiber Rug Areas

Natural fiber rugs carry beautiful designs, different shapes, and unique patterns that blend well for indoor or outdoor use.

These rugs are, without a doubt, the eco-friendliest décor in your home or office –of course, due to their fabric, which is an extract from natural fibers.

Their salient feature is that, like a synthetic rug, these natural fiber rugs do not radiate filaments, which can harm your skin, pets, and kids around. Hence, natural fiber rugs are naturally good for your home and best for those who have kids at home.

They are more durable due to their knitting and weaving methods, especially wool and hemp rugs to outlast other flooring mats and carpets. Although rugs can remain in rough use under furniture legs, they will bounce back to their original shape in a quick time, e.g., wool and hemp rugs in particular.

You can put a natural fiber rug anywhere indoor your home, like rooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, etc.

For outdoor use, you may count on the rug’s durability and its resilience to tough weather. A well-knit, strong fiber rug will outlast a synthetic rug outdoors. For instance, seagrass rugs are an inhabitant of seawater, and you can use these rugs for outside décor.

Natural fiber rugs will give a kick to an additional and most fashionable look right at your home entrance.

That said, natural fiber rugs are a bit expensive compared to other rugs. However, their qualities and benefits last long, and their natural tendency to be environment-friendly and reliable ensures a good investment. Try a natural fiber rug.

Types of Natural Fiber Rugs

Among all the natural fiber rugs, the most popular are hemp, jute, wool, sisal, and seagrass rugs.

Hemp Grass Rugs

Hemp rugs originate from hemp or mountain grass. This specific grass is mostly in Chinese highlands. This fiber is famous for being pesticide-free. Hemp rugs are very durable and last a long time with careful handling and cleaning. Rust doesn’t ride its fibers but stays loosely in the woven area, which makes it easier to clean.

Initially, hemp rugs are not very soft. They don’t let mildew develop in their fabric. However, over a period of time, the hemp slowly softens.

You may expect it to shed over a long time, as its strength and the weaving unit will remain intact. This shredding is natural. These rugs can defy moisture inside or outside.

Jute Rugs

Jute grows abundantly in Bangladesh. Jute rugs are fibers of the jute plant. Its origin is mostly in Asia. This fiber is very durable, weather-resistant. It’s used for making ropes, rugs, bags, sacks of all shapes and sizes. Its amazing feature is that this fiber rug remains soft even after extensive use.

Plus, jute rugs perfectly match every budget. When used outdoors, they can get wet with dew, rain, moisture. However, they get dry very quickly.

These rugs are best for areas where you have heavy traffic.

Wool Rugs

The wool for rugs mostly comes from sheep. This wool goes under several processes like cleaning, washing, drying, and dying to get a rug.

The wool gets spun and twisted to get yarn. This yarn is then woven to make a rug. This process is on a machine spool, and by adding more yarn, you will get a thicker woolen rug.

The wool or wool rug is resilient, which keeps its natural appearance more long-lasting than other rugs, making it more durable.

Wool rugs will last long, spanning over decades, if their cleaning is proper and in-time. While they are slightly expensive than other rugs, they are best used inside areas to have a warm feel.

Sisal Rugs

This rug originates from the plant Sisalana or Agave. This plant is mostly in some North American and some African countries. Sisal offers one of the strongest fibers of these five types of rugs.

Sisal is a bit of stiff fiber woven into yarns. It’s a natural cream-white color hue. This fiber is easy to dye in various colors like jute. Due to this reason, you can get a custom sisal rug to match your ideas or home décor. These rugs ooze an organic look even after color dye, making it a unique choice in rugs.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are durable products, as the name suggests. They are hardcore resistant to stains and water ingress. Thus, they are the first choice for bathrooms or outdoor use and easy to clean or vacuum.

Seagrass for rugs mostly comes from China. Seawater is its diet. It’s made dry and machine-spun to get strong yarns and comes in various designs, colors, and shapes to match your home décor inside or outside.

These rugs can go well for use in kitchens and other high-use areas.

Not to mention, a seagrass rug is often an underlay for other rugs or carpets to get a plush and comfortable look.

Washing or Cleaning Increases their Longevity

Proper cleaning and washing give longevity to your rugs.

Generally, there are standard methods or ways to clean, wash, or vacuum your rugs. You can use standard detergents and shampoos to prolong their life.

Few rugs need special attention while cleaning or washing. A hemp rug will stay long if vacuuming is proper. While stains and dirt particles are easy to vacuum, you can use detergents on stains and wash them away with a soft towel or brush.

You can keep your jute rugs clean by vacuuming on a regular basis. For stains, use 50/50 water and laundry soaps. Let them soak in the sun for the rug’s longevity.

Wool rugs may be in for a heavy vacuum cleaning. For their texture to last long, mix a mild detergent with water and scrub the softly spilled area. Rinse with warm water. Dry in the sun.

Sisal and seagrass rugs are easy to clean. Just rub the dirty patch with a wet towel or sponge. Once dry, apply small amounts of shampoo and washing detergents under lukewarm waters. Let them naturally dry.

Lantao Hand Woven Chunky Jute Gray

Natural jute fiber and a chunky texture make this handwoven rug a great addition to your home. The solid jute color works almost anywhere, in both modern or traditional rooms. This rug is reversible for longer wear.


Natural fiber rugs are natural for your premises, whether at home or office. They give you infinite ideas to choose from. They are a fashion statement, can last long, and carry no health hazards.

Rugs are the décor item that can sum up your fashion taste and its looks.

So natural fiber rugs are your 2021 guide to new fashion highways. Don’t miss them!

January 27, 2021

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