What Types of Rugs Are the Best for a Living Room


Guideline on the right size for your vintage style rugs for your living room.

Vintage Rug

Decorating your living room involves a lot of decisions as your first step in the process. Most of you start with buying big items after making immediate decisions, and end up buying things like chandeliers, sofas, and tables, without much consideration for your budget. When it comes to buying rugs, you can end up spending a handsome amount, especially of they are vintage types.

Vintage style rugs are among the recent decorating trends. There are new collections in the market with various colors, which create an old antique look for your room. Vintage style rugs are unique because they are recognized through their place of origin.

Vintage style rugs are environmentally friendly, cheaper, and unique. However, if vintage style rugs are a new thing for you, choosing one or your living room may not be easy. Before finalizing a vintage style rug, you must decide the style, color, and shape you desire.

Moreover, the sizes and shapes will vary outrageously. Also, the prices will be different according to the size – the bigger the rug, the higher the prices. You need to find the right size for your vintage style rugs to lift your living room.

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Types of Vintage Style Rugs


Oushak is one of the most distinctive vintage style rugs around, and it’s a thin rug with fine neutral colors with a feeling of uber-push. An Oushak rug often contains a center medallion in the pattern. These patterns have diverse features like an angular large-scale floral design. Placing the Oushak rug in your living room tends to display a tame and calm look.

Moreover, the material and texture of Oushak reveal how skillful the craftsmen are. Oushak rugs are most often made with materials like cotton, silk, rugs, and threads due to which their quality is high, robust and also aesthetically attractive.


Overdyed rugs are formed through a multiple-step procedure, which includes color saturation, bleaching, and an exceptional drying process. This process brings about deep and amazing bold colors in a rug. Hence, this process is a way to have an Oriental rug with a modern touch.

Overdyed rugs have only one single color along with a pale hint of a pattern underneath. Due to the dyeing process, you end up with a washed-out-depth-color simple delight. Some overdyed vintage style rugs are pretty faded while others are available in bold colors like green, red, and maroon. If you are a fan of the Oriental style patterns, overdyed rugs are the best type for your living room.


Agra is a city in India, famous because of the Taj Mahal. The city is also notable for its tradition of rug weaving. Classic Mughal rugs are mainly manufactured in Agra.

Agra rugs are handmade, and craftsman precisely hand-knot every wool, silk, and cotton. An Agra rug is a combination of dignity and grace of famous Persian rug designs. Hence, Agra rugs are known for its stellar vegetable dyeing skills. Patterns of Agra rugs are original; if you observe them closely, you will see small creatures like fish, birds, butterflies, and even people.


A Swedish rug blends contemporary aesthetic preferences with classical Scandinavian design. The unique approach of Swedish rugs is an appealing work of art. Swedish vintage style rugs are famous for adding modern patterns and designs that are naturally perfect out of all the modern decorations.

Prices of Swedish rugs might be a bit higher than other rugs because the demand for appealing art and vintage style rugs is increasing. Undoubtedly, Swedish rugs are as valuable as paintings because of their classic designs. So people often use them as wall hangings too.


Moroccan rugs are among the most impressive modernist and public art rugs around the globe. They are well-known for their vibrant designs, color, and bold geometric patterns due to which they are a trend.

Moroccan rugs are unique because of their bold designs that differentiate them from traditional Persian rugs. However, the base material for them is white or black sheep’s wool, but they finalize the color and pattern by determining the origin of the tribe. Hence, these rugs are bushy and pretty soft, which will make your room quite cozy.


Kilim rugs are generally rushed with the slitweave technique. Kilim rug designs are quite visible as compared to other vintage style rugs. The craftsman knots each short strand of different colors into wraps. They often favor diagonal patterns to make the structure of the rug strong.

Kilims are Turkish flat-woven rugs. They are on the lean side of the rug range, nd tend to be the same as the Oushak rugs.


The chador is among the most recommended vintage style rug for your living room. Chador rug material is pretty soft, which features an eye-catching geometric pattern. Their immense size makes them ideal for a terrific living room. Chador rugs are homemade wool, and are hand-knotted, which will last a lifetime. They bring a high-quality, beautiful look in your living area.

There is quite a variety of rugs out there. Besides contemporary ones, vintage ones have their unique value and place. They have their special place in our living rooms, and are certainly worth considering when decorating your space.

May 14, 2020

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